Top security tips to keep your Christmas merry

top security tips


Do we love the holiday season? You bet we do. All the friends and family festivities, a bit (ahem) of guilt-free overindulgence, and being able to lounge around in our PJs for days on end!

After summer, fall for a new car 

fall for a new car


Brits call it ‘autumn’; Americans call it ‘fall’, but here at Sheilas’, we call it ‘a fresh new start and a good time if you’re looking for a fresh new set of wheels’.

Weatherproof your summer with rain or shine ideas



There are few things more certain than the uncertainty of the British summer. One minute you’re sipping an iced tea, soaking up the sun and smells of cut grass and barbecues; the next you’re making a frantic 20ft dash inside.

Fresh ideas for Great Outdoors month

frssh ideas for the great outdoors


Summer is nearly here and (UK weather-permitting!) we’ll all be looking to spend a good deal more time outside, connecting with nature, relaxing in our gardens or looking for adventures in the great outdoors.

Creative ways to get your garden Summer-ready



May bank holiday is coming up and summer’s just round the corner – so it’s the perfect weekend to join the 27m UK residents who love gardening (say

Quick and easy D.I.Y wins to nail this Easter

d.i.y wins


With quite a few long weekends on their way, many of us feel we should be using the time for a few home improvements. But unless you have a huge project you’ve been putting off for months, it can be tough to know where to start.

Taking the stress out of Christmas travelling

stress christmas


If you’re driving to see friends and relatives over the holidays, chances are your car will be laden with gifts and people – and it could be a bit of a squeeze. But, with careful planning and our tips, you’ll be on your merry way with a car full of happy campers.

Fun Christmas decorations

fun christmas decorations


Fairy lights, tinsel and Christmas trees all help to make our homes look magical at this time of year. And if you’re looking for some fun ways to inject a bit of individual style to your decorations this year – look no further.

Stay safe on the roads this Christmas 

stay safe on the roads


'Driving Home for Christmas' is an iconic Christmas tune, filling us with nostalgia at the thought of heading home to loved ones. But with over 29 million car journeys taking place on the road during the Christmas week, you could end up feeling a bit frustrated.