Sheilas’Wheels social media rules

Our Twitter (@asksheilas) and Facebook (@sheilaswheelsinsurance) pages have been created for our customers, fans and followers. We are an insurance company, but that isn’t the only focus of our social pages. However as we’re a regulated industry we can’t comment on certain issues.

We encourage people to share their views and opinions respectfully, to engage and have fun. Our staff are here to help, so please speak to them respectfully too.

If something is posted which doesn’t fit with our rules below we reserve the right to remove it.  

  • includes profanities, defamatory statements, offensive, abusive, harassing, discriminatory or demeaning content (including images, videos and links). Please be aware that social media platforms will also sometimes auto-hide profanities;
  • is disparaging, threatening, condones violence, is subject to legal issues or publicises, encourages or endorses illegal behaviour; is disruptive to the community (including overtly political or religious bias intended to incite others);
  • is unrelated to esure/Sheilas Wheels, excessively repetitive and/or is spam;
  • Any user repeatedly spamming will be blocked;
  • contains any personal information e.g. address, policy details, email address or phone number;
  • breaches copyright or any other intellectual property rights, including those of any third party;
  • is commercial, e.g. sells products and services, or attempts to recruit fans and followers;
  • attempts to upload malware, viruses, corrupted files or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of another's computer;
  • contains or attempts to disclose confidential or sensitive information that is not in the public domain;
  • misleads or contains inaccurate information or advice; or
  • doesn’t follow Facebook's posting guidelines and Terms of Use
  • Serious or repeated breaches of any of the above terms may also result in certain users being blocked from our page. And further action may be taken in extreme cases where this is considered appropriate.

Service posts

If you have a service query we’ll ask for any personal details to be sent by Private Message, so that your data is kept safe. Our pages are monitored during our opening hours which can be found here.

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Our social pages aren’t affiliated with any social platform; you should make sure you’re happy with the privacy policies of these platforms before using them. We’re not responsible for any 3rd party content or links shared on our social pages – so please think before clicking any links.