Fun Christmas decorations

Fairy lights, tinsel and Christmas trees all help to make our homes look magical at this time of year. And if you’re looking for some fun ways to inject a bit of individual style to your decorations this year – look no further.

Spray snow and stencils

You can add personal decorations with some spray snow and Christmassy stencils. Plan and spray a snow scene on windows, add a sprig of snow holly to the corner of a picture frame or even decorate your door mat to welcome visitors. Make sure to check that you’ve chosen a spray which won’t cause damage and remember to do a small test area before going ahead with the main design.


Stars and Christmas time go hand in hand, so why not hang them throughout your home? You can buy different coloured lights, ones that hang from ceilings or walls and of course an array of star shaped decorations for the tree.

Advent baubles

Combine your tree and advent calendar this year by hanging advent baubles. You can buy ones filled with smellies, chocolates, even treats for pets – or, why not make your own? Sew ribbons and numbers on to little felt pouches and include a different treat for each day of advent.

Cut your own tree

Lots of National Trust locations host sessions where you can pop to your local forest and, choose and cut down your very own Christmas tree. Not only is this a personal way to choose your fir, but you’ll also be helping with conservation of local woodlands and heathlands. Just make sure you choose one you can fit in your car or carry home!

Outside in - pine, holly, ivy

Bring the outside in this Christmas, with wreaths and decorations for your dining table or mantle made from pine, holly and ivy. Make wreaths, mantlepiece or dining table decorations. Drill holes into small logs to use as candle holders or let the kids create pinecone animals for the Christmas tree.

As well as being more environmentally friendly, natural decorations will fill your home with wonderful Christmas scents.

Soft furnishings

From duvets and cushions to tea towels and tablecloths, bring a touch of Christmas to each room by swapping everyday items for Christmas-themed counterparts. If you have little ones, why not have a go at crafting a little Christmas cushion for their favourite soft toy?

The Hansel and Gretel tree

Make your tree a culinary delight this year by using only edible decorations. Good To know have a list of great suggestions to inspire you – from Christmas-themed biscuits, sweetie baubles, popcorn or marshmallow tinsel, meringue wreaths, ice cream cones filled with chocolate coins, glazed cherries. Before you know it, you’ll have a tree fit for Hansel and Gretel.

Play with different colours

Who said Christmas themes need to revolve around silver, gold, red and green? If you fancy a change this year, why not opt for bolder colours like pink, neon yellow, green or blue? You can buy fake trees in a range of colours or use some spray paint on a real tree. A selection of bright baubles can be made into a wreath, or you can use felt pom poms to make rainbow tinsel. If you’re not sure about breaking from the traditional look, start small – add a wreath here and a string of tinsel there and who knows - maybe you’ll be putting up that pink tree before you know it.

We’d love to see your Christmas Decorations over on our Facebook Page. To keep your family safe this year, remember to check lights, replace any faulty bulbs, test electrical decorations, and keep flammable decorations away from naked flames. And make sure you turn everything off before going out or to bed.


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