Get on the road faster with our defrosting tips

defrosting tips


When the cold mornings return, don’t get left standing out in the cold. With a bit of prep and the right tools, you’ll be able to get your car safely defrosted – and you back on the road quickly.

DIY ways to make your home look fabulous 



You don’t need a big budget or an interior designer to make your home look unique. With a little creative flair and inventive thinking, you can have a luxurious-looking home in no time. We’ve shared some of our favourite home styling tips below.

10 tips to help you ride the changing seasons like a pro

changing seasons


Autumn and winter bring a whole host of challenging driving conditions - quicker and earlier sunsets, greasy leaves in the road, fog and rain, ice and snow, incessant Christmas songs on the radio…

Treat your car now for a smooth ride this autumn and winter

autumn and winter ride


Most of us know to clear the gutters and put the garden hose away before winter really kicks in, but we often
overlook our cars.

Essential home maintenance tips for winter

home maintenance


Winter’s a time for curling up in the warm and hibernating, but if you want to spend the cold winter days snuggled up indoors, you’ll need to invest a bit of time doing some essential winter maintenance jobs.

Buying your first home


buying your first home


Buying your first home is probably one of the most exciting (and, ok, maybe stressful!) decisions of your life. Getting on to the property ladder is a huge milestone - be proud of yourself!

Making the move to Uni? We've got you covered

stress christmas


Heading to Uni is an exciting time: you’re starting your studies, you’re meeting all kinds of new people, and you’re moving into a brand-new room. This is going to be your home for the next few years, so of course you’ll want to make your space there your own.

Reasons to be glad summer's over! 

summers over


So the sun has put its autumn hat on, we’ve swapped shorts for trousers and packed away the flip-flops for another year. But here at Sheilas’ Wheels, we’re more bright pink than post-holiday blue...

Wave goodbye to the summer in style

wave goodbye to summer


We like to look on the bright side of life …and find any excuse for a party! So instead of feeling down about the sun finally setting on the long summer, why not celebrate with an End of Summer party?