The internet should be accessible to everyone, regardless of ability. At Sheilas’ Wheels we are making changes to our website, making it simpler and easier to use, so that it complies with the industry standard for web accessibility. Below are some of the changes we have made to improve your user experience.

How to increase the text size in your browser


- Go to the View menu and select Text Size and then Increase Font, or use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Control and +.

Google Chrome

– Go to the Customize menu and use the Zoom options, or use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Control and +.

Internet Explorer 7 and above

- Go to the View menu and select Text Size. You can also go to Tools, then Internet Options, then Accessibility or use the keyboard shortcut of control and + or - to increase or decrease text size.


- Go to the View menu, select Preferences then Fonts and then change Minimum Font Size


– Go to the View menu and select Make Text Bigger, or press the Apple key and then the Plus key (Control and the Plus key for Windows).


This site can be navigated using Accesskeys. These make it easy for people who are unable to use a mouse or other pointing device to navigate to the main parts of the site using a keyboard only.

To use the Accesskeys below in:

Internet Explorer users: Alt + Accesskey, Enter
Firefox Users: Shift + Alt + Accesskey
Safari: Hold down the CTRL key and press the number of the accesskey
Chrome: Alt + Accesskey

The following accesskeys are available on each page:

Accesskey "s": Skip navigation
Accesskey "0": Accessibility
Accesskey "i": Home
Accesskey "1": Car insurance
Accesskey "2": Home insurance
Accesskey "4": Travel insurance
Accesskey "5": Bike insurance
Accesskey "6": Van insurance
Accesskey "7": FAQs 
Accesskey "c": Contact us
Accesskey "m": Site map
Accesskey "b": Larger font size and text
Accesskey "r": Default font size and text
Accesskey "k": High contrast mode with larger font size and text


We value feedback on our website, especially in terms of its accessibility. Should you have any suggestions please do contact us. Your feedback will make our site become more inclusive and help us reach a wider audience.

To find out more about the Web Accessibility Initiative, the guidelines and techniques can be found on the W3C website: