Over 60s Car Insurance

By now you’re Queen or King of the Road   

When it comes to life on the road you’ve seen and experienced a lot. Not much fazes or surprises you anymore. Whether you’re still working or kicking back for your retirement, driving is still the most convenient way to get around, and because of this, our aim is to provide the highest quality over 60 car insurance on the market!

Older drivers own the road…

Driving behaviour across the generations has changed dramatically in the past 20 years, in particular for women over the age of 60. As of 2014 the amount of women who were over 60 and held driver’s licences had increased by 30% and was almost the same as 17–34 year olds.1

As a result insurers need to keep in mind that there is an ever increasing demand for car insurance for women over 60, and it’s important we consider the needs of this group, and keep in mind how the driving landscape is changing.

New me, new car?

Being 60 is the new 50, except you’ll no longer be confined to your 9 – 5 schedule. Your time is your own, and no one else’s. So you might want to celebrate your new found freedom by buying a car that you drive to things you want, not have to do.

Whether that’s full time pilates or night fishing, you might need to go up or down an engine size. That’s where we come in–we insure a wide range of cars, and offer competitive Multicar policies.

Unfortunately if classic cars are your new hobby, you’re out of luck, as we don’t cover those, or cars made more than 26 years ago. But if your car doesn’t fall into that bracket, get an over 60s car insurance quote today to see what we can do for you.

Top reasons to choose Sheilas’ Wheels fully Comprehensive insurance for 60s

  • Unlimited cover for anyone you cause injury to, or dies as a consequence of your driving
  • Up to £20 million to cover the rebuild or repairs of someone else’s property you damage while using your car
  • Don’t stop when your car does! While it’s being repaired by our recommended specialists we’ll give you a courtesy car
  • If you’ve been involved in a scrape and need some repairs or paint touch-ups, the work done on your car will be guaranteed for five years, when you use our recommended repairers!
  • Windscreen care comes as standard, so if you notice a crack, get in touch right away and we’ll get our windscreen specialists on the case
  • We’ll even cover your handbag and it’s contents separately, should it get stolen from your car


If a fully comprehensive policy isn’t for you, we do offer Third Party, Fire and Theft cover, but don’t provide cover for Third Party Only insurance.

What else do I get?

  • Protect your No Claim Discount – If you meet our criteria, you might be able to protect the big No Claim Discount you’ve built up over years of considerate and careful driving. That way if you’re unfortunate and have to make one or more claims in a year your No Claim Discount won’t change
  • European car insurance If you’re using your retirement to travel around Europe we can cover your car for up to 90 days!
  • Child car seat cover, up to £100 – If you’re spending more time with your grandchildren, or look after them while your own children go to work – we’ll automatically cover their car seat up to £100, if you’re in an accident, even when there are no obvious signs of damage.

If you want even more cover, take a look at our optional extras!

If you want to give your cover that little ‘oomph’ you can build it up in a number of areas. From Breakdown cover to Personal Injury Benefit, our useful optional extras are varied, and are relevant to everyone! Have a look today to see what we could do for you.



  1. Independent Transport Commission. Recent trends in road and rail travel: What do they tell us? 2016. Available from http://www.theitc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/OTM2-Policy-Analysis.pdf [Accessed: 30 January 2017].