Personal Injury Benefit

Many people know that their motor insurance policy provides significant compensation to any passengers killed or seriously injured in a motor accident.

However, few people realise that as the driver at fault, their motor insurance policy often provides minimal cover if they are the one killed or seriously injured. The Personal Injury Benefit therefore provides the at-fault driver with additional financial benefits to help bridge this gap.

At-fault driver injury

If the policyholder or any named driver on your policy are driving your car within the UK, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands and suffers a bodily injury in a motor accident which is their fault, Sheilas' Wheels will pay the following:

  • Death - £100,000
  • Permanent total disablement - £100,000
  • Loss of (or loss of use of) one or more limbs - £100,000
  • Loss of sight in one or both eyes - £100,000
  • Loss of hearing in one or both ears - £100,000
  • Loss of speech - £100,000
  • Third degree burns - £100,000

Medical Expenses

The policyholder or named driver will receive a cash payment towards the cost of treatment shown below, in the event of an injury sustained where they are the driver involved in a ‘fault’ accident claim within the UK, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands:

Sheilas' Wheels Personal Injury Benefit can be added to a new policy or an existing policy at any time.

For extra peace of mind include Personal Injury Benefit in your quote

Operation/Procedure £1,000
Hospital Overnight Stay £200 per night up to a maximum of 10 nights
Physiotherapy Up to £750 towards the cost of treatment
Cosmetic Dental Work Up to £500 towards treatment
Consultant/Doctors £50 towards the fee charged to provide evidence of an injury/treatment


Addition of cover as of 01/02/2021

In addition to the current cover under your personal injury benefit, we will now cover you for the following:


Fracture – A complete or incomplete break in a bone as a result of force.

£1000 per fractured bone, up to a maximum of £5000.

The maximum we will pay for each bone is £1000, regardless of how many fractures it sustains.

We will not pay for fractures to teeth or nails under this cover.

We will not pay for any fracture where it is caused or contributed to by Osteoporosis where the customer is aware of the condition prior to the incident.

Loss of fingers and thumbs:

Following complete and permanent loss of use or physical separation of fingers, thumbs or toes, we now offer the following policy benefits:

Loss of fingers/toes/thumbs cover Benefit payable
Loss of one thumb £5,000
Loss of more than one finger £8,000
Loss of one finger £3,500
Loss of one big toe £5,000
Loss of more than one toe (excluding big toes) £2,000
Loss of one other toe (excluding big toe) £1,000


We will not pay any amount in respect of loss of fingers/toes/thumbs where a loss of limb benefit is also payable.

Additions to medical expenses section of your personal injury benefit add on:

In the event of a fault claim, we now offer the below additional cover

  • Up to £1000 for counselling and other psychological therapies required as a result of an incident covered by this policy through our specialist provider.
  • An increased limit of £750 towards physiotherapy where it is recommended by a medical professional. This will include an up-front payment of £250 and up to £500 towards further treatment following production of suitable evidence this treatment is required.


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