Reasons to be glad summer’s over!


So the sun has put its autumn hat on, we’ve swapped shorts for trousers and packed away the flip-flops for
another year. But here at Sheilas’ Wheels, we’re more bright pink than post-holiday blue and we think there’s
still loads of great reasons to be glad the long, hot summer is finally over…

End of hay fever season

It’s been a particularly intense summer for hay fever sufferers this year - the late Beast from the East cold snap caused a sudden late rush of tree pollen, then all that spring rain followed by the lingering hot summer meant other allergens had a great time! Now you can finally take deep lungfuls of fresh, autumn air …without the sneezing and the itchy eyes!

New (old) wardrobe

The joy of rediscovering all those clothes you’d almost forgotten you had at the back of the wardrobe.


Fading tan-lines

It’ll be nice not to still look like you’re wearing a t-shirt and flip-flops even after you’ve taken them off!


Now you don’t have to sleep with your windows open to let in a tiny whisper of cool air, your home will be extra secure.


Keep cool

You can finally walk to the shop or jog for the bus without having to remain absolutely motionless for the next half an hour…!

Bye-bye bugs

Enjoy a glass of juice without the mouthful of wasps and nod off to sleep without the incessant whine of that mossie waiting for the all-you-can-eat buffet to open!


Beautiful autumn leaves

Things have been green (or scorched yellow) for a while now. It’s time to change things up with some oranges, reds and browns!

New TV & sports seasons

Now the TV programmers know we’ll be indoors more, they’ll be pumping out the good stuff! Plus Oscar season at the end of the year means some potential future classics could be hitting the silver screen soon…

Oh, and of course Christmas is only round the corner. Ho ho ho!


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