Optional Extras and policy enhancements


Accidental Damage Cover


No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. Standard home insurance doesn’t cover accidents, so with day-to-day life being what it is choosing to include Accidental Damage Cover on your policy might be a small way to make a big difference.

Personal Possessions Cover


While your contents is covered by standard home insurance, when you’re out and about your home insurance no longer covers items you have with you. Adding Personal Possessions Cover to your policy means your stuff will be covered for theft, damage or loss while outside the house too - so you can take that warm, fuzzy, pink feeling with you, wherever you go!

Car Hire Cover


With standard car insurance you get a replacement car while yours is being repaired - but if your car is stolen and not found or written off following an accident, you can be left without a replacement car, so it can feel far from ‘fantabulous’. If you choose to add Car Hire to your standard policy, you’ll get a temporary replacement car, with plenty of ‘extrabonus-ness’! So, to make sure you’re not left without a car following an incident, consider adding Car Hire to your standard policy.

Motor Legal Protection


Whilst your standard policy gives you access to a legal advice helpline, with our Motor Legal Protection you’ll be covered for up to £100,000 of legal costs, and you’ll have access to the right level of expert legal advice, depending on your circumstances. So, to leave the legal drama to the boxsets, consider adding Motor Legal Protection to your car insurance.

No Claim Discount Protection


Being found at fault in a claim following an incident in your car can see your hard-earned No Claim Discount reduced in a flash! Luckily, there’s our fab No Claim Discount Protection option, which means your discount won’t get smaller in the event of an accident. So, to sleep easy knowing you’re covered, consider adding our No Claim Discount Protection to your policy.


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Making a home insurance claim


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How you can make sure your home stays covered 

make sure your home is covered

Did you know there could be times when your home cover may not apply - like if you forget to update us when your details change, or don’t let us know about specified items.

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If you HAVE to drive on a snow day

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Insurance: What’s Your Type?


With so many attractive and eligible insurance options out there, it can be tricky to pick the right match for you. So we’re here to break down their best features and help you decide which to partner up with.

Insurance doesn’t have to be colourless and boring…

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