Tomato Growing Tips for Sheilas!

In the UK, we eat 160g of fresh tomatoes per person per week. That’s over 500,000 tonnes, according to the British Tomato Growers Association, who also identified that on the vine varieties are growing in popularity.

Our Sheilas agree there’s nothing quite like the smell and taste of a homegrown Tom so to mark British Tomato Week we’ve put together some top tips for growing your own.


1: Grow from scraps

Tomatoes, like many other veg, can be successfully grown from scraps and off cuts of tomatoes you have in your veg draw at home. Choose a variety that you love, wait for it to ripen, slice, place in a pot of good quality vegetable compost and wait. Within a couple of weeks, you should begin to see new tomato plants sprouting.  We like this step by step guide from @gardeningknowhow


2: Bring me sunshine

It’s no surprise that Tomatoes are such a staple of the Mediterranean diet as they thrive on sunlight. To give your Toms the best chance and the best flavour pop them in a sunny spot. At this time of year, while there are still cold spots, it’s best to go with a greenhouse or sunny windowsill indoors.


3: Beautiful on the eye

As well as tasting delicious & smelling wonderful, tomatoes can also brighten up even the smallest of garden spaces. Vertical Veg list tomatoes as the 2nd best veg to grow in containers.


4: Nurture

Tomatoes need love, in the form of regular watering and feeding. The RHS has a wealth of information on how to get the most from your crops & how to troubleshoot any common problems.


5: Something for everyone

From huge beefsteak to tiny yellow cherries; tomatoes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. This makes them a great veg (or fruit if we’re being technically correct) to get the whole family involved in growing. Let the kids choose their own variety to plant and nurture and they are more likely to want to experiment with trying out the different flavours – a great way towards their five a day.


Let us know what other vegetables you’re growing this year and if you have any decorative or inventive space saving tips. If you're looking to insure your new tomato garden, or already have a garden out the back, you might be interested in reading about our garden insurance for more information.