Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover

What is comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance like its name suggests offers the widest range of cover. The key difference between this level and third party fire and theft insurance is that your car is also covered along with any third party if you’re in an accident.  You can also claim if you have accidentally damaged your car, for example reversing into a garage door.

This level of cover is also known as fully comprehensive insurance.

So how different is a comprehensive policy compared with third party only and third party fire and theft?

Unlike lower levels of cover – comprehensive insurance also includes claims that can’t necessarily be proven, for example if your parked car has been damaged by someone who has driven off, a comprehensive policy would pay out to get your car repaired or worse case scenario replaced.

What’s included in our comprehensive car insurance?

  • Unlimited cover if you cause death or injury to another person when driving
  • Up to £20 million of cover if you cause damage to property that doesn’t belong to you when you’re out driving
  • All our comprehensive policies come with courtesy car as standard while your car is with our recommended repairers, so you don’t have to rearrange your calendar when you’ve not got a car!
  • Reassurance that your car will have repair work guaranteed for five years when you use our recommended repairers
  • If you’re up to date with the latest in-car electronics or your kids can’t do long journeys without their favourite DVD playing in the back. We can cover your permanently fitted entertainment systems and audio equipment for up to £1000!
  • From cracks to chips, no job too big or small is a bother, we can get your windscreen gleaming again. Repair and replacement of your windscreen as standard when you use our experts
  • Up to £300 cover for your handbag and anything inside it if it is lost or stolen from your car


Do I need comprehensive insurance?

It’s not our place to advise you, and this depends on your circumstances, if you can afford to repair your car or can afford a new one if it gets damaged, then third party, and third party fire and theft might be an option for you.

That said if you want a more complete package that covers both you and other drivers then you may want to opt for a comprehensive policy.  When choosing cover it’s good to think about what level meets your needs, and make a decision based on that.

What else can Sheilas’ Wheels do for me?

  • Secure your No Claims Discount – If you’re a careful driver and want to hang onto your No Claim Discount, customers who meet our criteria have the option to safeguard their discount should they ever need to make a claim. For a small fee, paid whenever you insure your car with us, you can keep your discount safe no matter how many claims you make in the future
  • No Claims Bonus is kept in tact if your car has been vandalised– If your car has been damaged by anything other than another car, you won’t lose your No Claim Bonus for that year. Just report the damage to the police and get a crime number
  • Child car seat cover guaranteed up to £100 – If you’re involved in a car accident and the car seat has no visible damage we’ll still give you £100 towards another. Your child’s safety is our priority
  • Family friendly garages – All our garages receive tips and guidelines for working with families, so you have the best experience possible when getting your car repaired
  • Choose the level of cover you need with optional extras – From key cover to Personal Injury Benefit if you become injured in an accident, our affordable add-ons are worth a look!