Third Party Only Car Insurance

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What is third party only car insurance?

Third party only insurance is commonly referred to as the lowest level of insurance cover. While most insurers offer third party only as their most basic level of cover, the lowest level of cover that meets the legal requirement for driving on UK roads is Road Traffic Act cover, or RTA cover. As few RTA cover policies are issued and the cover is largely similar, third party only is generally thought of as the most basic form of car insurance. Sheilas’ Wheels do not offer either RTA cover or third party only insurance.

If you’re involved in an accident, this type of insurance covers only the other driver’s car and compensation for any injuries they receive or damage to their property. You and your car are not covered in any way.


How is third party only insurance different to third party fire and theft, and comprehensive?

Third party only insurance just covers the damage done to the other driver’s car, property, or pay for any injuries they get in an accident when you’re at fault.

The next tier up of car insurance is third party fire and theft cover. This only covers your car, if it’s damaged by fire, stolen, or if someone has damaged it in a botched attempt to steal it.

Comprehensive insurance cover is a more complete package, and will cover your car in an accident, even when you’ve been shown to be at fault, as well as any third party. But it’s worth keeping in mind that as an at fault driver you receive minimal cover for your injuries. Some customers therefore opt to buy Personal Injury Benefit, which can give you greater financial cover if you’re at fault and injured.


Is third party insurance cheap?

If you are looking for a basic level of cover, third party only can often seem as though it is the cheapest option. As with anything, we recommend doing a bit of research and exploring all your options – you may find that a higher level of cover is more economical for what you need, or third party only might work well for you.

Whatever you choose, please note that Sheilas’ Wheels do not offer third party only insurance.

Are there any advantages to buying third party only?

This all depends on your situation, and it’s important you weigh up the pros and cons when selecting the best level of car insurance for your needs.

But it’s worth keeping in mind that you and your car won’t be covered in any way, so you would have to foot the bill for any repairs needed.


Do Sheilas’ Wheels offer third party insurance?

We don’t offer third party only insurance; the lowest level of cover available to our customers is third party fire and theft. The key difference between the bottom tier levels of insurance and a comprehensive package, is the all round protection you receive for you and your car, including accidental damage and windscreen cover.


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