DIY ways to make your home look fabulous

You don’t need a big budget or an interior designer to make your home look unique. With a little creative flair and inventive thinking, you can have a luxurious-looking home in no time. We’ve shared some of our favourite home styling tips below.

Raid charity shops

Accessories can really bring a home to life, adding finishing touches that show off your personality and style. If you want to find quirky pieces for cheap, raiding charity shops and vintage stores is a great idea. With a keen eye, a bit of time and a good rummage around, you’re likely to find some wonderful gems for your home. If you have a creative side, look for items that could be upcycled or renovated – you could re-upholster an old chair, add a splash of bright paint to an old picture frame or plant herbs and flowers into pretty tea cups. With a bit of imagination, you can make someone else’s trash your treasure.

Cover up

If your sofa looks tired or your carpets are stained, why not cover them up? It’s often a cheaper option than buying new ones, and you can pick up wonderful rugs and throws in a multitude of colours, patterns and fabrics to inject personality into tired furnishings. You can do the same with storage areas, too, using a decorative, stylish screen to hide unsightly clutter or divide up living spaces – all without the cost and expense of changing the structure of your home.

Go random

Sometimes it can be good to go random with your décor – hang pictures frames of different sizes and shapes to make a memory wall, pick up odd door knobs from charity shops and replace the standard ones on chests of drawers, make a table out of reclaimed wooden pallets, or use rugs and throws with contrasting patterns. To make your random look work, apply a less is more approach – that way, you’ll create a space that looks eclectic, not jumbled.

Recycle Fabrics

Upcycling things you no longer use is great for the environment and your wallet, so why not recycle your old fabrics? Keep hold of old clothes, bedlinen and towels and upcycle them into beautiful new items. Turn old t-shirts into cushion covers, glue jean pockets to the wall for novelty storage space, create a set of placemats from fabric off-cuts or decorate a boring lampshade with interesting detail from an old t-shirt. When it comes to upcycling, the only limits are your imagination (and possibly sewing skills!).

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