Wave goodbye to the summer in style

We like to look on the bright side of life …and find any excuse for a party! So instead of feeling down about the sun finally setting on the long summer, why not celebrate with an End of Summer party?

You made some great new memories this summer, picking up new ideas and experiences on holiday - so share them with your friends. You might have to put on an extra pair of Bermuda shorts to keep the autumn chill at bay, but unpacking all those warm, sunny memories is almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

  • Give your summer wardrobe one last outing before it’s shoved away under the woolly jumpers
  • Find the recipe for that incredible meal you had on holiday and recreate it. You may not be able to get the exact local ingredients, but just researching and shopping around for them will bring back all of those great sensations
  • Serve drinks in the style of wherever you stayed. Who doesn’t love those little umbrellas?
  • Put up a gazebo tent in your garden. You can get a decent one without breaking the bank, and it means the party can keep going even if the weather turns
  • Make a summer playlist with song choices inspired by wherever you stayed and ask guests for tracks which make them feel sunny as part of their RSVP
  • If you’re partying with people you went on holiday with, get memento photobooks made from everyone’s holiday snaps. If not, keep the pics to yourself - no one likes a showoff!
  • But if you ARE going to show off… do it properly and buy/borrow/hire a digital projector to play a beach scene on a wall to create a truly magical summer party atmosphere
  • And be sure to take plenty of photos too - you’ll be creating lots of fantastic new, summer-flavoured memories to cherish into those winter months


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