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On this site "esure", "us" and "we" means esure Services Limited (trading as Sheilas' Wheels home insurance) and esure Insurance Limited (as the insurer). "You" and "my" means the user of the site.


This site is for private individuals only

The information on this site is directed at residents of England, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man only. Unfortunately we are unable to insure homes in Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands. The services described in this site are available to private individuals for their use only. You are not permitted to use this site or to copy any material from the site for any commercial purpose.

We explain how we use the information you give to us in Privacy and Security. That section forms part of these terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions that apply to Sheilas' Wheels home insurance policies are set out in the policy and Your Agreement with esure Services Limited.


Quotations and premiums

The quotations provided on this site are intended as an indication only of the likely premium based on the information you provide. They're not binding quotations. If you decide you want to buy a Sheilas' Wheels home insurance policy, then we'll ask you to confirm the information you've provided. If you fail to disclose any relevant information, or provide any inaccurate information (including your contents sum insured), this may invalidate your insurance policy. If you don’t answer our questions fully and honestly, this could result in a claim being rejected or reduced, additional terms imposed or your policy voided.

If you provide us with information about other people, then it is your responsibility to check that the information you provide is accurate and that the other people have given you permission to give their information to us.

When you complete the Payment Details section of the site, we'll treat this as your proposal of insurance. You're not insured until you receive confirmation from us. The decision whether to offer you insurance from Sheilas' Wheels is at our discretion.

You can view your home insurance policy wording online. When you take out insurance with Sheilas' Wheels we’ll make your Schedule, policy booklet and Your Agreement with esure Services Limited available electronically. Additionally, you can opt to receive these documents in the post. You should keep a copy of all information submitted to and/or received from us for your own records.


Availability and content of this site

Whilst we take care to ensure that the information contained in this website is accurate and up-to-date, Sheilas' Wheels gives you no promises, representations or warranties about the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability of any information on the site.

We'll change the site content from time to time. If we do this, then your continued use of the site will be deemed to be acceptance of the change. However, we won't change the terms and conditions that apply to your policy during the term of your policy and we'll tell you before you renew your policy if any of the policy terms and conditions have changed.

You acknowledge that there are technical limitations which affect the performance and availability of the site and that conditions affecting transmission and communication links are mainly outside our control.

Sometimes this site will be temporarily unavailable because we are carrying out maintenance or updates. At these times, you can contact us by telephone on 0345 604 4206 subject to contact centre hours.


Links and third party information

This site contains links to sites operated by persons and/or companies outside Sheilas' Wheels. We provide these links for your assistance and information. We're not responsible for the availability or content of these third party sites and we're not responsible for any of the goods or services available from these sites.

This site may contain stories provided by the Press Association and marked ©PA Business 2008 and Copyright © Press Association 2009 ("the PA Material"). The PA Material may only be used for your personal use and the distribution or commercial exploitation of the PA Material is prohibited. Use of the PA Material is at your sole risk and neither esure nor the Press Association gives any warranty as to the accuracy of the PA Material.


Our intellectual property rights

The owner of this site is esure Services Limited. The copyright and other intellectual property rights in this site are owned by esure Services Limited or by a third party that has given us permission to use them.


Printing, copying and saving

You may print, copy or save for your own personal use any part of the site but otherwise you aren't allowed to copy parts or all of this site (either on paper or by copying to disk). If you want to retrieve a quote, then you must save it.



If you live in England or Wales, the courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate on any dispute between us. If you live in Scotland, the courts of Scotland will have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate on any dispute between us.

High Risk Items

Any of the following items that are at high risk of theft, which are kept in the Home, and consist only of the following:

  • articles of gold, silver or other precious metals
  • computer equipment
  • furs
  • jewellery
  • mobile phones
  • paintings
  • stamp, coin, and medal collections
  • watches

High Risk Items do not include:

  • property owned or used totally or partly for business purposes or connected with any employment (except property defined as Office Equipment)
  • data, information or computer programs which have been created by, or specifically for members of Your Household
  • property more specifically insured by this or any other insurance policy