Personal Possessions Insurance

Personal possessions insurance–all you need to know

Most of us don’t realise how much our stuff is worth, especially the belongings we have in our bags and pockets when we leave our home to go to work.

While we’re in our home our possessions are protected by contents insurance, but as soon as we take anything outside the boundaries of where we live, our belongings are no longer covered.


When can personal possessions insurance be useful?

If you’re out and about and you’re phone gets stolen you could make a claim on personal possessions insurance. Likewise if you accidentally drop it in the road and it breaks you may also make a claim for that. Or maybe if you lost it, for example you accidentally left it on the train, or on the bus.


I live with my family, are they also covered when I buy personal possessions insurance?

You and your family who live with you would also be covered by personal possessions insurance.  If you’ve got kids who are never without their personal belongings, insurance may be some thing you wish to consider to help protect their mobile phones and tablets when they take them outside of the home.


What does Sheilas’ Wheels personal possessions insurance cover?

Sheilas’ Wheels personal possessions cover, protects a lot of items you would take outside with you. These items could include jewellery, bikes, clothes, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Any cash you have on you is even covered up to £750.

Please keep in mind that any item that costs more than £1499 to replace as new, or any bike worth £500 or more to buy brand new must be separately listed. This is what’s known as a specified item.


Does personal possessions cover still apply when I take my belongings with me on holiday?

If you’re going on holiday and will be taking expensive personal items, insurance could be important to consider.

With that in mind you’d be pleased to know that when you have Sheilas’ Wheels personal  possessions cover it not only covers you in the UK, but also when you’re abroad for up to 60 days.

As your personal possessions insurance abroad is already taken care of for 60 days, that’s one less thing to think about before you jet off.


How much excess do I need to pay when making a claim?

Each time you need to make a claim, you would have to pay £125 excess. You can change the amount of excess to pay, if you would like to. To do this you would need to amend your policy or state the amount of excess you’d like to pay when first buying the policy.


What’s excluded from personal possessions insurance?

Unfortunately there are some cases when we can’t uphold a personal possessions claim. Below you can read about the types of items and situations that would be excluded from your personal possessions cover.

  • Any item that you use as part of your business. For example you might be a photographer and own an expensive camera that you damage while on a shoot. In this case you wouldn’t be covered as your camera isn’t a personal item


  • If you leave something in plain view, you wouldn’t be able to make a claim if it was stolen. An example of this could be you’ve been shopping and left your bags in the footwell of your car, and you’ve returned to find them stolen


  • In terms of claiming for the theft of your bike. The whole bike has to be stolen for us to consider the claim. If one wheel or the saddle has been removed, you wouldn’t be able to make a claim


  • If you’re keeping items in storage, even though they’re away from your home they aren’t covered.  When you put your items in storage you would need to get a different  kind of insurance


  • We don’t cover items that break down due to wear and tear. If for example your mobile phone is five years old and you have frequently used it, it’s bound to stop working at some point


  • The purpose of insurance is to cover something that might happen, not something that is certain to happen.  A mobile phone isn’t designed to last forever and will stop working at some point


If you want more information on what our personal possessions insurance covers, please read our policy booklet.


Is there any other cover I can add to my home insurance?

Sheilas’ Wheels have a number of Optional Extras you can buy to increase your home insurance cover.

Accidental damage–if you’re worried about replacing expensive items in your home after accidentally breaking them, then accidental damage might be worth considering.

Home emergency cover–domestic disasters unfortunately don’t usually occur between the hours of 9am–5pm. So you’re not left in the lurch when your boiler breaks down, or when all your sinks become blocked, you might want to think about adding home emergency cover to your policy.

If you want to add personal possessions to your home insurance just call 0345 045 9000