Pest Insurance

Why should I get Pest Insurance?

Pest cover is very often overlooked, but can save you a lot of hassle and stress in the long run.

Nobody wants the unpleasant experience of putting down rat traps and pesticide, or making calls to an exterminator.

We understand that you want to spend what precious time you have doing other things and not worrying about your home.


If I find a pest infestation what should I do?

If you're insured with Sheilas' Wheels, just call our helpline and we'll be able to advise you on the best course of action

We’ll take care of organising an exterminator and everything else in between so you don’t have to worry.


What pests do you cover?

Our pest cover includes these animals:


Mice, rats, and grey squirrels


Wasps and Hornets nests and bed bugs


What do I get with Sheilas’ Wheels Pest Cover?

  • If you're bothered by bedbugs we can cover exterminator charges of up to £200 and 3 treatments per infested area within the home for their removal.
  • We can also cover the extermination costs of up to £150 per claim for mice, rats, grey squirrels, wasps and hornets nests.


What are the benefits of having Sheilas’ Wheels Pest Insurance?

  • Your No Claim Discount is not affected. We won’t reduce your discount if you’re unfortunate enough to get pest infestation, it’s just one of the things we do to save our customers a little money
  • 24- hour emergency line. Not everything happens between the hours 9am and 5pm, so if you’ve got a problem with pests, call us, anytime.
  • You can claim on multiple occasions. We understand pest problems can be a reoccurring problem which is why we don’t prevent you from making more than one claim (except bedbugs which is limited to a maximum of 3 treatments per claim for bedbugs).
  • No upfront fees! We don’t charge any excess for any pest claims you make


How can I find out more?

So you can read about our pest cover in full you can download the policy wording here. Sheilas’ Wheels Pest Insurance is underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance SA (UK Branch) which is fully owned by the AXA Assistance Group.

To add pest cover to your policy, please phone us on 0345 045 9000.


The important bit

To make a claim, your pest insurance has to be active for at least two weeks from its start date, and a claim should only be made in the event of an infestation emergency.

Unfortunately we don’t provide cover for your garden, garage and anything classed as an outbuilding which is attached to your home.