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Did you know that Suzuki is Japan’s fourth largest automaker? While it’s famous for its cars and motorbikes, it also produces four-wheel drive vehicles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), outboard marine engines, wheelchairs and internal combustion engines. If you have a Suzuki car, we offer top rated car insurance!


Suzuki Car Insurance Groups

We insure plenty of Suzuki models, so we’ve pulled together a list of the insurance groups the most popular models fall into. Of course we can’t mention every Suzuki we insure, because this page would be a mile long! So even if your car isn’t on the list, we probably still insure it. Just get in touch and we’ll give you a quote for your specific model.

Suzuki Swift Insurance Groups

Are you a Suzuki fan? If so, you might know the Suzuki Swift has been a popular small car that has been available in various forms since 2005. Swift models are available with diesel and petrol engines and newer models also include hybrid models.

While some of the older Swifts are in the lower insurance groups, models like the sporty Swift Hatchback sit in higher groups. This is because of the various trim levels available, which include premium features like sat-nav and telescopic steering wheel adjustment. Just remember, the more bells and whistles you have might mean the more you pay for your Suzuki car insurance.


Please be aware this is a guide only, insurers may group these cars differently.

Model Engine Size Insurance Group
Swift Sport (06–11) 1.6 23
Swift Hatchback (05–11) 1.3–1.5 10-20
Swift Sport (12–16) 1.6 19
Swift Hatchback (10–17) 1.2-1.3 9-11
Swift Hatchback (17 onwards) 1.0-1.2 22-27


Suzuki Alto Insurance Groups

Meet the Suzuki Alto, a robustly built urban car that was designed to keep costs low. And that translates into low insurance costs too. A simple, no-frills vehicle, it lacks modern features such as electric windows, but this all works in your favour when it comes to pricing your insurance. If there's any damage to your doors, not having electric windows lowers the price of repairs because there's no rewiring to be done. Models in the Alto range typically have small 1.0-litre to 1.1-litre engines, keeping them low in the insurance groups. These cars are no longer in production but there are still plenty available second hand.


Please be aware this is a guide only, insurers may group these cars differently.

Model Engine Size Insurance Group
Alto (97–01) 1.0 7
Alto (03–05) 1.1 9
Alto (09–14) 1.0 4


Suzuki Jimny Insurance Groups

The Jimny has a 1.3-litre petrol engine and a number of safety features, putting it in insurance groups 13-15. The Jimny is no longer in production, but if you have one, we will still insure it.


Please be aware this is a guide only, insurers may group these cars differently.

Model Engine Size Insurance Group
Jimny (98 onwards) 1.3 13-15
Jimny Soft top (00–05) 1.3 13


Suzuki Vitara Insurance Groups

Looking for insurance for a Suzuki SUV? Then you might already have a Suzuki Vitara. This is a compact SUV that has been in production in various forms since 1988, and four different generations of the vehicle have been released so far.

The most recent Vitara models come with various features, including Suzuki’s renowned Allgrip four-wheel drive system. Vitaras are available with petrol or diesel engines ranging in size from 1.4-litre to 1.6-litre. With all these add-on features and its engine size, the Vitara can sit near the middle level of insurance groups.


Please be aware this is a guide only, insurers may group these cars differently.

Model Engine Size Insurance Group
Vitara (15 onwards) 1.4-1.6 14-23


Suzuki Ignis Insurance Groups

Do you know the Suzuki Ignis? It’s a range of compact cars that include hatchback, estate and SUV models. The latest versions, which are the SUVs, are crossover cars that blend 4x4 capabilities with urban aesthetics. Ignis SUVs come equipped with Suzuki’s renowned Allgrip four-wheel drive technology, which is designed to help you handle those pesky muddy terrains.

The newer Ignis models offer a big range of add-ons, including ABS with Electronic Break-force Distribution (EBD) and brake assist, a rear parking camera, cruise control, an adjustable steering column, and much more. Many of these enhanced safety features could help lower your insurance costs. The range has engine sizes ranging from 1.2-litre to 1.5-litre, along with numerous safety features, so it’s in the low-medium level insurance groups.


Please be aware this is a guide only, insurers may group these cars differently.

Model Engine Size Insurance Group
Ignis Hatchback (00–04) 1.3-1.5 8-21
Ignis Estate (00–08) 1.3-1.5 10-16
Ignis SUV (17 onwards) 1.2 15-18



What does Suzuki car insurance with Sheilas’ Wheels cover?

  • Legal liability - unlimited cover for death or injury to other people.
  • Driving other cars - policy holder only, subject to eligibility
  • 5-Year Repair Guarantee - it’s a win win for you, so long as one of our recommended repairers is fixing your motor.
  • Courtesy car - so long as one of our recommended repairers is fixing your motor following an accident.
  • Handbag Cover - if your bag is stolen from your car or damaged while in your car, we'll cover it and its contents up to £200.
  • Personal Belongings Cover - your mobile and sunnies are covered as part of a claim – up to £200​.
  • Counselling Service - free over the phone counselling service for you and any member of your family living with you
  • Windscreen Cover - from small chips to big cracks, our specialists will do a top job repairing or replacing your windscreen
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Limits may apply, please check our policy booklet.


Please note that Sheilas’ Wheels only offer comprehensive insurance and third party, fire, and theft. If you’d like to know more please read our policy booklet.


Would Sheilas’ Wheels insure my Suzuki if I were to take it to Europe?

Thinking of taking your Suzuki to Europe? Good news–we also offer European car cover.You automatically get third party only cover but if you get in touch before you travel, we’ll arrange for you to have the same level of cover that you have in the UK. It’s quick and easy to arrange, but be aware that a small fee will apply if you do this. For more information, please visit our European car cover page.


Add more to your Suzuki car insurance

Get these great Optional Extras with your Suzuki car insurance to enhance your cover.

Breakdown Cover
Breakdown Cover

Our wide range of Breakdown Cover options are offered with our partner the RAC.

Learn more about RAC Breakdown Assistance

Personal Injury
Personal Injury Benefit

In the event of death or serious injury to you (or any named driver), we’ll cover medical expenses and pay up to £100,000 if you’re at fault, or up to £30,000 if not.

Learn more about Personal Injury Benefit


More than one car at home?


When you, or anyone permanently living in the same household as you, insures additional cars with us direct we’ll discount each new policy by 10%*

* (1) Discount is not given when you get a quote for the same vehicle via a Price Comparison website within 31 days of getting your quote direct with Sheilas' Wheels. (2) Discount excludes Optional Extras. (3) Subject to eligibility.

Separate policies – so no change to your existing renewal dates. Your No Claims Discount (NCD) for each policy will also be kept separate, so a claim on one policy won’t affect the NCD of the other

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About Suzuki

Early Beginnings

Michio Suzuki, the founder of Suzuki built his first prototype automobile in 1937. He was already a successful businessman and manufacturer, having established the Suzuki Loom Works in 1920, supplying the silk industry. His interest in automobile manufacture was born out of a need to diversify his company. During two years of development Suzuki produced a number of pioneering prototypes of compact cars, which were powered by innovative liquid-cooled, four-stroke, four-cylinder engines. During World War II, Suzuki's car production ceased and afterwards, he returned to loom manufacture. It wasn't until the 50s that the company returned to the automotive industry, launching its first motorcycle, the Power Free in 1952, and its first car, the Suzuki Sunlight in 1955. Over the next three decades, Suzuki grew in popularity with consumers throughout the world. In 1989, it sold 10 million vehicles in that year alone. In 1999, it released the famously powerful Hayabusa (or GSX1300R), which could reach speeds of 188-194mph, crowning it the ultimate sports bike.

Present Day

Today, Suzuki is a huge multinational manufacturer with 35 production facilities in 23 different countries. It has forged a global reputation for producing compact, sporty fuel-efficient cars, like the Suzuki Swift. And it’s well-noted for its motorcycle technologies too, such as the GSX250R.



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