Car Insurance for Over 80s

You’ve probably done enough miles to get you to the moon – and back

Being on the road is second nature to you. You’ve been driving for the majority of your life, and you’re not going to be hanging up your keys, and taking the bus anytime soon. You’re the most knowledgeable drivers on the road with heaps of experience built up from decades of driving.

We know you approach the road with care

Choosing the best time to drive – if possible, such as when the road is less busy or when visibility is better, is an important skill, and older drivers have been shown to judge the road well before setting off.1 You’re also known not to drive as fast or as close to other cars as younger drivers, allowing for more space and time in case anything were to happen.2

How can I reduce what I pay for my car insurance?

The good news is there are plenty of ways you can cut back on what you pay for your car insurance.

One way you could save is downsizing to a smaller or engine or owning a less expensive car. Classic cars may be very easy on the eye but they do cost more to insure than most cars you see on the road due to repair costs and the price of the parts themselves. Unfortunately we don’t insure classic cars, or cars that were made more than 26 years ago.

When I get a quote do I need to supply any extra information?

Our fully Comprehensive policies are the same across the board no matter your age. Because of this we don’t need any extra information from you when buying over 80 car insurance.

I need over 80s car insurance, what can Sheilas’ Wheels do for me?

Car insurance for over 80 year olds is a growing need, due to the rising amount of older people on the road. 3 At Sheilas’ Wheels we aim to provide you with great customer service and quality cover.

This is what our fully Comprehensive insurance includes…

  • Unlimited cover for any person that dies or you injure while you were in control of your car. We can also repair or rebuild any third party’s property you damage with your car, we’ll pay up to £20 million for this
  • A Courtesy car while your car is having repairs at our recommended garages
  • If your car has had a prang or bump and needs repairs or paintwork to be done, any work that has been carried out by our recommended specialists is guaranteed for five years!
  • Windscreen cover is included in our policy, so before those chips turn into something worse, get in touch with us as soon as you can!
  • If you can’t do without your handbag, we’ll provide cover up to £300 if it’s ever stolen from your car


If you’re after Third Party Fire and Theft insurance we do provide that level of cover, but we don’t sell Third Party Only policies.

As a Sheilas’ Wheels customer what other benefits are there?

  • No Claim Discount Protection – we welcome customers who have large No Claim Discounts to protect them each year they insure with us. That way if they have to make several claims in one year their discount will stay the same.  If you’ve been a safe driver for a long time it might be worth paying a little extra year on year to safeguard that big discount!  Find out if you’re eligible today.
  • Expert legal advice 24/7 over the phone – all of our customer have access to a legal advice helpline for motoring problems, if you’re stuck and don’t know who to talk to about a motor legal issue, don’t suffer in silence, give the legal team a call and they will see you right!


Personalise your cover!

We have a whole range of optional extras which you can choose from to top up your cover. From car hire benefit to breakdown assistance and more, our add-ons have something for everyone’s needs.


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