Over 70s Car Insurance

Your knowledge of the road is second to none!

Driving in your car is as natural as taking a walk, you’ve probably owned a car for many years, and providing you’ve got good driving habits, you’ve got a big No Claim Discount. Plus unlike younger drivers you don’t take risks by driving too fast or too close to other cars, 1 allowing plenty of room if something were to happen. Your car keeps your social life ticking over and gets you from A to B!

Women over 70 are driving more than ever

You certainly don’t like to be stuck indoors! Women over 70 have more than doubled their driving mileage from 1996 to 2014, whereas men over 70 more or less drive the same distance.2

 At Sheilas’ Wheels we recognise that the amount of older women and men driving is growing, 2 and are aware there is an increasing need for car insurance for over 70 year olds!

Do I need to supply you with extra details when getting a quote?

At Sheilas’ Wheels we don’t expect you to give us any extra information if you want to get an over 70 car insurance quote with us, the quote process is the same as for other drivers.

What do I get for my money?

  • As an over 70’s fully comprehensive customer you’ll be covered for an unlimited amount if any third party becomes injured or dies as a consequence of your driving
  • Up to £20 million of cover towards the cost of damage done to any third party’s property
  • We like  to make life as convenient as we can for our customers, so all our policies include a courtesy car while our recommended specialists are fixing yours
  • When you use our recommended garages to carry out repair work on your car, the repairs are guaranteed for five years!
  • Chips can turn into cracks when you least expect them to! Fortunately windscreen cover is included in your policy, so when you spot a chip give us a call as soon as possible!
  • Handbag cover for up to £300 if yours is stolen from your car


We can also cover you for Third Party, Fire and Theft if you don’t want to buy fully Comprehensive insurance. But we don’t provide Third Party Only insurance.

How can I benefit from being with Sheilas’ Wheels?

As a Sheilas’ Wheels customer there are quite a few benefits you could take advantage of…

  • Protect your No Claim Discount – Careful drivers who meet our criteria can pay to protect their No Claim Discount each year they insure with us! That way your discount won’t be reduced if you end up making several claims in one year
  • 24-hour  Motor Legal Advice helpline – If you’ve got a legal query about your car, no question is too big or small for our team of legal experts, they’re also available 24-hours a day


Make your car Insurance as unique as you!

We’ve got a whole range of optional extras you can take advantage of to make your cover your own! If you’re never without your car, and drive everywhere, you might want to consider adding breakdown cover to your policy.

Or if your car is a write off and you haven’t got time to wait for a new one while your claim is being processed, take a look at our car hire benefit. We can even collect you from home to pick up your hire car, which you can have for up to 21 days!


  1. Fancher P., Ervin R., Sayer J., et al., Intelligent Cruise Control Field Operational Test NHTSA and UMTRI. Report number: DOT HS 808 849, 1998.
  2. Independent Transport Commission. Recent trends in road and rail travel: What do they tell us? 2016. Available from http://www.theitc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/OTM2-Policy-Analysis.pdf [Accessed: 30 January 2017].