Over 50s Car Insurance

When it comes to driving, you know your stuff

You’ve been driving for a quite a while now and have clocked up a fair few miles in experience. If you’re a careful driver with lots of good habits, turning 50 shouldn’t put your premium up.

Being in your 50s can feel very different depending on the life you lead. You may have a fair few years of work ahead of you, or you might be thinking of retiring earlier and spending more time with friends and family.

At Sheilas’ Wheels we see your experience on the road as a positive, and believe you deserve to get 50 plus car insurance at a competitive price, with lots of good features and great customer service to suit all of your needs.

Choosing the right level of over 50s car insurance cover

Turning 50 might mean you’re using your car more or less, so it’s important that you choose the right level of cover for what you need:

  • Third Party Only is the lowest level of cover and the legal bare minimum you need to drive on public roads in the UK. This cover only protects other people and their property, you and your car are not covered – we don’t offer this level of cover
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft is the next step up of cover, and will cover your car if it’s damaged by fire and attempted theft, or if it is stolen. But your car won’t be covered if you’re in an accident or if you have accidentally damaged your car
  • Fully Comprehensive is the highest level of cover you can buy to insure your car.  If you’re in an accident your car is covered as well as the other driver’s

If you’re looking for over 50 car insurance quotes online, Sheilas’ Wheels can offer you fully Comprehensive and Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance. Did you know we don’t just provide car insurance for women over 50? We also cover men too!

Are you going to treat yourself to a new car for retirement?

If you’re thinking of retiring early and following your interests full time, you might be considering buying a new car, so you can live this next chapter of your life to the full. We do cover most cars, but don’t insure classic cars or those made 26 years ago or more.

What can Sheilas’ Wheels do for me?

Trawling through the internet comparing over 50s car insurance polices online can be very time consuming.  So here are our top reasons to insure with us:

  • We provide unlimited cover for injuries or death caused to another person when you’re driving, and we provide cover up to £20 million for any damage you cause to their property with your car
  • A courtesy car is included in your policy, keeping you on the go while yours is being repaired by our recommended garages
  • Any repairs and paint work  done to your car following an accident are guaranteed for five years when you use our recommended specialists
  • We also include windscreen cover and up to £300 cover for your handbag if it is stolen from your car


Sheilas’ Wheels customer benefits!

  • If you like to take your grandchildren out in your car, you’d be pleased to know that we automatically cover their car seat up to £100, so you can buy a new one if you’re involved in an accident, even when there is no visible damage!
  • If you’ve got a healthy No Claim Discount that has been built up over the years, we let eligible customers pay an amount each time they renew or buy a policy from us, to safeguard it in case they need to make several claims in one year.


Add a little extra if you want…

Some of our customers like to increase their cover with our optional extras.  If you’re curious to see how you could top up your cover, take a look at our useful add-ons. These include benefits such as Motor Legal Protection, which takes care of legal expenses that aren’t typically covered by fully comprehensive insurance.