4x4 Insurance

The pros and cons of owning a 4x4

4x4s are definitely increasing in popularity, and aren’t just spotted on rural roads anymore. While the pros of owning a 4x4 are that you get plenty of legroom and space to put your shopping, you may find yourself having to shell out more money on 4x4 car insurance.

Why does 4x4 car insurance cost more money?

There are a few reasons 4x4s can cost more to insure than other cars on the road, and a lot of different factors are taken into account when you get a 4x4 insurance quote.

4x4s typically cost more to buy than other cars, so if you’re car is stolen or is a write off it will cost the insurer more to replace it, so this is reflected in the amount you would pay.

The same goes for some 4x4 replacement parts – these tend to be more expensive than other cars on the road, so again this is mirrored in what you pay for your insurance.

As you’re probably aware 4x4s are quite hefty cars, so if they collide with another vehicle on the road they will probably cause more damage than a smaller car. The same can also be said if they crash into a building or even hit a person.

The insurer needs to carefully consider the amount they would have to pay out if any of these things were to happen when they calculate prices for the 4x4 insurance groups’ list.

Are there any ways I could save on my 4x4 car insurance?

When getting a 4x4 insurance quote there are plenty of ways you can reduce what you pay for your insurance.

Parking your car in a garage at night rather than on the road could chip away at the price of your policy, because it’s less likely to be stolen or get damaged by another vehicle hitting it.

You could also consider upping your car’s security, by having an alarm or immobiliser fitted to bring down what you spend on your 4x4 insurance.

When buying 4x4 insurance, UK policies tend to be paid either monthly or as a one off payment every year. If you choose to pay your insurance in full each year, you could be better off than paying smaller amounts each month.

Customising your car is definitely one way to make it more personal, but the downside to this is that is can increase your 4x4 insurance. So, before you start changing any aspects of your car, it might be worth checking in with your insurer to see if it will change what you pay.

It’s no secret that 4x4 insurance groups tend to be more expensive than other car insurance categories. But, if you don’t make any claims year on year you can save money by taking full advantage of your No Claim Discount!

What’s the best 4x4 insurance to buy?

Well, this all depends on what you need and the type of driving you’re planning on doing. We can’t actually tell you what the best 4x4 insurance is, but we can talk about the differences between each level of cover

If you only want the bare minimum insurance that you need to legally drive in the UK, then you might want to consider Third Party Only.

  • This level of insurance only covers the other driver, their car and property. You and your car have no cover what so ever. We don’t provide customers with this level of  cover


The next level up of car insurance is Third Party Fire and Theft

  • This also covers the other driver, their car and property. But if someone steals your car or damages it by trying to steal it your car will be covered. It’s also covered if it’s damaged by fire.


If you want your car covered in an accident you might want to think about choosing Comprehensive Insurance

  • This level of cover is the highest, and covers you and your car, if you were in an accident. Your car is also covered if you accidentally damage it, for example by reversing into a wall.


If you’re planning to drive your 4x4 in the countryside we unfortunately don’t provide insurance for Green Laning, but as long as you’re driving on a footpath that’s classed as a bridle way you’ll be covered.

We accept towbars as modifications, and if you’re planning on towing we can cover you for this. But please  tell us about the towbar, so we can update your policy.

Is your 4x4 a private car or a light commercial vehicle that you plan to use as part of your job ?  This distinction is important because if your 4x4 is classed as a light commercial vehicle you’ll need van, not car insurance!

What does Sheilas’ Wheels comprehensive insurance include?

  • We’ll cover anyone you injure or cause death to while you’re driving in your car for an unlimited amount
  • We can cover any property you damage with your car for up to £20 million
  • Just because your car is with our repairers, you shouldn’t have to drop everything. So we’ll give you a courtesy car for the time it’s in the garage being fixed! Please keep in mind that the courtesy car isn’t on a like for like basis
  • Up to £300 cover for your handbag if it’s stolen from your car
  • Windscreen cover, from chip to cracks and everything in between, repair or replacement if needed


Is there anything else Sheilas’ Wheels can offer me?

When you’re a Sheilas’ Wheels customer you get access to a whole range of benefits!

  • Careful drivers can protect their No Claim Discount, if you have four or more years no claims you might be eligible to buy No Claim Discount Protection whenever you insure with us.
  • Up to £100 towards the replacement of any child’s car seat, if you’re involved in an accident, even when there are no obvious signs of damage!
  • Family friendly garages – if you have a young family our garages are understanding of your needs, and will aim to work your appointment around the school run.
  • Driving in Europe? Our European car cover can insure you for up to 90 days.
  • Customise your cover with our optional extras, from key cover to Personal Injury Benefit – our optional extras have something for everyone!