Insurance doesn’t have to be colourless and boring…

Look, we know insurance isn’t everyone’s idea of fun - but we can get pretty animated about it! So we’ve launched a spangly new animated series offering jargon-busting explanations of the various types of cover we offer, winter home and car tips, full of yummy pie, hot chocolate and snow balls - and much more to follow! Have a click around below to see the first few of our new short videos and keep an eye out for new episodes to come…

YouTube uncovering our cover

Uncovering our cover

We know the language of insurance can sound like …well, another language. Luckily, at Sheilas' Wheels we’re fluent in insurance, so you can get on with your life and not worry about your cover!


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If you HAVE to drive on a snow day
Ways to stay safe on those icy roads



Easy-as-pie winter home tips
Get prepared for the wintry-fresh weather