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How you should be securing your home in winter

Winter can be tough on your home but there are plenty of things you can do to get it ready for the big chill.

Parents risk children's safety due to fitting child seats incorrectly

  • One in three (32%) child seats are fitted incorrectly
  • One in 10 (10%) of these are dangerously wrong putting children at high risk of injury in the event of an accident
  • Over a third of parents (35%) admit they struggle to install their child seats
  • Half of parents (50%) not switching off air bag when child seat is in front passenger seat  

Parents are risking their children’s lives as they fail to fit child seats properly. 

Female holidaymakers fly in the face of danger

  • Three quarters of a million British women are planning a ‘girly holiday’ to Turkey, India, Egypt or Kenya in the next 24 months
  • Yet these four destinations rank among the top 10 most dangerous countries in the world for female travellers
  • Travellers four times as likely to check the temperate of a country than local safety statistics

According to research by travel insurer Sheilas’ Wheels, over a quarter (27%) of women are planning to travel either on their own or as part of a female group in the next two years, with more than three quarters of a million