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Female holidaymakers fly in the face of danger

  • Three quarters of a million British women are planning a ‘girly holiday’ to Turkey, India, Egypt or Kenya in the next 24 months
  • Yet these four destinations rank among the top 10 most dangerous countries in the world for female travellers
  • Travellers four times as likely to check the temperate of a country than local safety statistics

According to research by travel insurer Sheilas’ Wheels, over a quarter (27%) of women are planning to travel either on their own or as part of a female group in the next two years, with more than three quarters of a million

Don't want to get ripped off at the garage? Send a woman in

PCP research conducted a live experiment in which 51 men and 50 women visited 101 independent garages across the country. Participants were provided with the number plate registration of a Ford Fiesta, 2011 model. They each asked for a quote for new brake pads, a new alternator and an intermediate service. In addition to the estimate costs they were provided with, they were also asked to record their overall experience and treatment during their visit.

Parents’ Taxi: Going the extra 700-miles for kids’ social lives

  • Mums and dads typically play taxi, on average 700 miles per year
  • One in every 10 family car journeys is now for ferrying kids around to after-school clubs and classes
  • The number of families with two or more cars has increased by a third (36%) since 2014

One in 10 car journeysI are now made by parents serving their children’s social lives – driving the distance between London and John O’GroatsII in an average year.