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Call our 24 hours claims helpline and we'll take all your details in minutes. No claim forms, no waiting - we do it all for you there and then. We'll oversee your claim so you can rest assured we'll be looking after your interests.

If you would like some more information about making a claim on your home insurance, click here to go to our Home Insurance Claims FAQs.

Call our claims team on 0345 604 4215 and we'll take all your details in minutes, alternatively you can click on the button below to make your claim online.

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If you have any of our Optional Extras and need to make a claim, please see below for details.

Home Emergency

The Home Emergency claims team are very experienced in providing help to homeowners in times of crisis. Simply call the Home Emergency helpline, and give your name, address and postcode and the nature of the emergency and arrange for a local reputable contractor to come to your home and carry out emergency repairs. An advisor will call you to confirm the details of the appointed contractor, and the time of their visit. No need to call around for quotes or to find dependable tradesmen - one call to the Home Emergency helpline, day or night, and help is at hand. Before requesting assistance, please check that the circumstances are covered - please refer to the policy for terms and conditions.

24 Hour Home Emergency - 0345 604 4226

Pest cover

When you discover a wasps' or hornets' nest or an infestation of rats, mice, grey squirrels or bed bugs in your house, simply call the Pest cover helpline and they will arrange for a reputable contractor to come to your house to carry out emergency extermination or control of the pests. An advisor will call you to confirm the details of the appointed contractor and arrange the time of their visit. No need to call around for a local contractor - one call to the Pest cover helpline, day or night, and help is at hand.

24 Hour Pest cover - 0345 604 4227

Family Legal Protection

If you wish to speak to one of the legal teams about a legal problem, please phone 0345 604 4225. You will be asked about the issue and if necessary, you will receive a call back giving the legal advice.

If your issue cannot be dealt with through legal advice and needs to be dealt with as a potential claim under this policy, contact us on 0345 604 4225 and we will give you a reference number. At this point we will not be able to tell you whether you are covered but we will pass the information you have given us onto the claims handling teams and explain what to do next.

Please do not ask for help from a lawyer, accountant or anyone else before we have agreed that you should do so. If you do, we will not pay the costs involved even if we accept the claim.

Annual Travel Insurance (Home optional extra)

For emergencies if you are taken by ambulance to hospital following an emergency call, you, your travelling companion or doctor/nurse should call us as soon as possible once you have been admitted to hospital.

If you bought your policy before 12th October 2017 or renewed your policy before 12th November 2017 please call +44 (0) 208 763 4901. If you bought your policy on or after 12th October 2017 or renewed your policy on or after 12th November 2017 please call +44 (0) 208 603 9582.

For non-emergencies: if you need a GP, or need to go to A&E or a clinic, call us first before you try to locate help, so we can guide you to the safest and most appropriate source of treatment.

Important note: it may affect your claim if you, your travelling companion or a doctor/nurse does not contact us on the number above. We do not cover any costs over £500 where prior agreement regarding treatment has not been obtained from us on the above number.

For all other claims call 0345 606 1890.

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, you can also contact us by Typetalk or specialised text phone.