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Moving away to uni is one of the biggest changes in your life, you could be moving away for the first time to a place you don’t know too well. Or you might just be going down the road. Either way it’s important to think about insurance, and the sort of cover you think you need.

We’re all guilty of underestimating how much our stuff is worth, and students are definitely no different. You might have a fancy collection of paints and art materials, or you’ve invested in a state-of-the-art laptop.  With that in mind, it’s worth knowing that Sheilas’ Wheels aims to protect your things so you’re not left with a huge bill to replace them, should the worst happen.

My parents have Sheilas' Wheels Contents Insurance, does it include students contents cover?

Yes it does, our contents policy includes student contents insurance as standard you live in college/university halls of residence. That means when you move away all you need to do is make sure your things are included on their policy. If you own anything that’s worth more than £1,499 to buy brand new you must list it separately, as it’s a specified item that needs to be accepted by us.

What does Sheilas' Wheels insurance for students look like?

Moving away from home is a big change and comes with a whole new level of responsibility. So it’s important you know what your student insurance can and can’t cover.
If you’ve got Sheilas’ Wheels student cover your things will be insured up to £5,000–providing you keep them in a lockable room, if any of the following events happen:

•    Fire
•    Theft or attempted theft of your things, if someone has used violence or force to enter your room
•    Water damage from leaks or flooding
•    Vandalism

Don’t forget if you own anything that costs more than £1,499 to replace as new you must tell us, as it is a specified item.

If you want to find out more on what we do and don’t cover, please take a look at our policy booklet.

Does Sheilas’ Wheels cover include laptops? 

If you’ve got a new laptop for your first year of uni, or have treated yourself to an upgrade, you’d be pleased to know that our cover includes student laptops. So if your brand new computer gets stolen, or damaged in any of the insured events mentioned above, we aim to cover you.

Does Sheilas’ Wheels cover include phones?

When shopping around for contents insurance, students need to double check if all their belongings–including portable electronic equipment, such as phones and tablets are covered. Fortunately with Sheilas’ Wheels we do cover portable electronic devices, including your phone.

I have a bike, is it included in my student insurance?

If you plan to get to and from lectures on your bike, it’s important you’re covered. We aim to protect your bike if you keep it in a safe place such as your university residence, in a bike shed, and secured with a bike lock. If unfortunately your saddle or one of your tyres has been stolen we won’t be able to process your claim. We only accept claims when the entire bike has been stolen.

It’s important to know that if you’re insuring your bike with us, you need to specify it separately if it costs more than £500 to buy brand new.

Are there any situations when I can’t make a claim on my student contents insurance?

Unfortunately our student insurance can’t cover everything, and there might be times when you won’t be able to make a claim. Below is a list of what is excluded from our student contents cover:

•    If anything you own is broken or stolen while you are on your way/moving into uni, such as, carrying or wearing any of your belongings, they won’t be covered
•    If you’re away from your room for more than 15 days in a row, your cover is no longer valid

Please bear in mind this is a brief list of some of the occasions when we can’t accept a claim. To read in more detail on what we don’t cover please take a  look at our policy booklet.

Are there any other benefits of having my student insurance with Sheilas’ Wheels?

Yes there are, if you or your family have purchased personal possessions as an Optional Extra it’s automatically applied to your student cover.

Personal possessions aims to protect your stuff, such as your laptop and phone when you take them outside of your room, for example on the way to lectures. That way if your things are lost or stolen en route they could still be covered!