Alternative Accommodation Insurance

Alternative accommodation home insurance–all you need to know

We all enjoy the comforts of home. But sometimes things happen that can make our homes unliveable–for a short or long period of time.

If you’ve been unlucky enough to have been flooded or fire. You might be offered alternative accommodation while your home is being repaired, or while we think it’s unsafe for you to live there.

Is alternative accommodation insurance included in my home insurance policy?

If you have a Sheilas’ Wheels Home Insurance policy, be it either buildings or contents, alternative accommodation will be offered in both, but the level of cover you get is different.


Alternative accommodation insurance–buildings insurance

If you need to temporally leave your home you could get up to £75,000 of cover for alternative accommodation if you have a buildings policy with us.


Alternative accommodation insurance–contents insurance

If you have a contents policy with us, you could be covered up to £10,000 for alternative accommodation.

This level of cover is also designed to take care of any storage fees, if your things can’t be left in your home while you temporarily move out.

Because your storage fees are covered, the amount you get towards rent and other expenses is smaller.


I have both buildings and contents insurance with Sheilas’ Wheels, what do I get?

If you have both buildings and contents insurance, you’re accommodation expenses such as rent, or ground rent, could be covered up to £75,000. Plus you’ll also have cover for your possessions if you have to put them into storage.


I’ve got a big family, how do I benefit from alternative accommodation insurance?

If you have a large family and your home wont be suitable to live in for a while following a claim, we'll assess the requirements and determine the type and size of the property that will be sufficient for the period.

This policy does not operate a like for like guarantee and instead provides an adequate alternative for the required period.


My temporary accommodation has been sorted, but I can’t take my pets, do I have to pay for kennel fees?

Don’t worry! If you can’t take your pets with you to your new home – albeit a temporary one, our alternative accommodation insurance is designed to cover kennel and cattery fees too. Your pets won’t be left out in the cold if you can’t take them with you.


What could happen in my home to make it unsafe or unsuitable for me to live there for a while?

The types of events that our alternative accommodation insurance aims to cover are:

  • Flooding
  • Damage caused by fire or smoke
  • Damage caused by thieves  breaking into your property
  • Subsidence
  • Storm damage that has affected the structure of your home
  • Ruptured water pipes, and serious water leaks


To find out more about the events our alternative accommodation insurance covers please read our policy booklet.


I only need to leave my house for a couple of days, is it possible to stay in a bed and breakfast?

On some occasions it might be easier if you were to stay in a bed and breakfast for a couple of nights, rather than moving into a completely new flat or house.

This is done on an individual basis depending on your needs and what is most practical. Sheilas’ Wheels would need to accept and/or choose where you would stay.

It’s also important to remember that anything you book without our consent can’t be claimed back using alternative accommodation insurance.


What else can Sheilas’ Wheels Home Insurance cover?

Our buildings insurance includes:

  • Unlimited cover to rebuild your home
  • Lock and key cover, up to £1,000
  • Your liability as a property owner, up to £2 million


Our contents insurance includes:

  • New for old cover
  • Garden cover, up to £2,000
  • 5 years No Claim Discount if you’re claim free for 5 years


Can I add extra cover to my home insurance?

Yes you can. When you buy Sheilas’ Wheels home insurance, you have the chance to enhance your cover with our Optional Extras.

If you are often out of the house and always have your phone or tablet with you, personal possessions cover might be useful.  This cover aims to protect your belongings should they ever get lost or stolen while you’ve taken them out of your home.

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