Garden Insurance

When you buy your contents insurance from Sheilas’ Wheels, garden insurance is also included. You may read about garden cover and garden insurance, but these are just two different names for the same thing.

How much value do you place on your garden?

Your garden, especially in the summer is a place to relax and socialise, and is a space that you can mark with our own personality. You may have penchant for water features or have a keen collection of potted geraniums.

Whatever you want to adorn your garden with, garden insurance could prove useful if anything becomes damaged or stolen. It’s easy to forget how much money we spend on plants, their pots and other paraphernalia.

Our garden insurance aims to act as a buffer if something untoward happens, so you can recline back in your sun lounger knowing your garden is protected.

What about my garden furniture?

With Sheilas’ Wheels, garden furniture is included in our garden cover. Please keep in mind that if any of your furniture costs £1,500 or more to buy as new, it’s classed as a Specified Item and you need to specify this when you purchase your policy, or when you buy the item, for it to be fully covered. The overall garden cover available is up to £2,000.

What does Sheilas’ Wheels garden insurance cover?

Sheilas’ Wheels garden insurance aims to cover your garden belongings for up to £2,000, here is a brief list of the type of events we cover. If you would like to read in full what we and do and don’t insure please read our policy booklet.

Theft - your garden may have a number of attractive items that could catch a thief’s eye, from large plant pots to expensive ornaments. If you do find there's been a theft from your garden you can make a claim online or give us a call.

Fire, earthquake, and explosion - some of these natural occurrences might not happen that frequently in the UK,. Fires however tend to happen more often than you think, especially when barbeque season is upon us in the summer months!

Water Leaks, and burst pipes - a burst waste water pipe can wreak havoc in your garden, especially if you have lots of plants. Providing you’re responsible for the pipe, we aim to cover the damage done to your garden for up to £2,000.

What types of things aren’t covered by garden insurance?

As you’re probably aware by now, insurance can’t cover everything. So that you’re clear on the extent of our garden insurance, and when you can make a claim, here is a brief summary of what isn’t covered.

  • Damage caused by storms, flood, or subsidence
  • You won’t be able to make a claim if your home is unfurnished or you haven’t lived in it for 30 days or more
  • If you’re subletting your property to tenants your policy would be invalidated


If you want more information on the types of instances or items we do and don’t cover please read our policy booklet.

Are there some parts of my garden that are covered by buildings insurance?

Yes. If you have buildings insurance, there will be parts of your garden that are protected by this cover and not garden insurance. Structures such as your conservatory, garden wall, and fence are classed as fixtures of your home, and would fall under the buildings insurance category. Fitted hot tubs are also covered under your buildings insurance, but you should note that unfitted ones (such as inflatable hot tubs) would be included under a contents insurance policy.

Things that can be moved around your garden, such as your barbeque, plants, and furniture would be covered by garden insurance.

I have a shed, is the stuff inside covered by garden insurance or contents insurance?

With Sheilas’ Wheels if your shed were destroyed by fire your claim would be considered as a contents insurance claim. Your belongings as a result could be replaced as new for the value listed on your contents sum insured.

If your shed was broken into and the belongings inside were stolen, your claim would be considered as garden insurance, and you'd be cover for thefts from outbuildings for up to £2,000.

Are there any ways I can reduce the risk of something being stolen from my garden?

Yes. There are a number of things you can do that might help your garden appear less desirable to thieves...

  • If you have a shed that holds your personal tools and barbeque, it might be worth having a lock fitted if it doesn’t have one. If you don’t have a lockable shed, you could consider storing items in a secure garage
  • Security lights can deter thieves who strike during the night
  • Where possible, you could lay gravel instead of paving. Gravel makes much more noise to walk on, so it can be off putting for trespassers

Is it possible to extend my cover?

When you buy a buildings or contents policy with Sheilas’ Wheels you have the option to increase your cover with our Optional Extras. These include:

Pest cover - we cover exterminations up to £200 (depending on the type of pest), and your No Claim Discount is not affected. Read more on our pest cover page.

Home Emergency cover - from broken down boilers to your sink becoming blocked, no job is too big or small. No more ringing around out of hours, just make one call to us and we’ll aim to help you out right away! Find out more on our home emergency cover page.