Charity fundraising

At Sheilas’ Wheels we love giving back to our communities and helping local organisations where we can.

Loveworks – June’s charity

A Reigate based charity that do fantastic work in the community, their projects include, but are not exhaustive of – providing food to hungry families, taking care of the elderly, and supporting vulnerable young women. Simply put they look after people less fortunate than ourselves. They are a lifeline to many, and Sheilas’ Wheels in turn gives Loveworks the support they need. To find out how you could help Loveworks or make a donation visit or call 07912 628013.

Safe Drive Stay Alive

Throughout Thames Valley and Hampshire Safe Drive Stay Alive has been educating teenagers about road safety, using the unconventional method of introducing teenagers to real-life members of the ambulance and police service, alongside family members of those tragically involved. These people kindly donate their time and give interviews after the films of the accidents they were involved in. This combination is both hard hitting and raw, stimulating thought about the consequences of careless, and dangerous driving. This initiative has won countless awards and Sheilas’ Wheels are proud to be one of the founding partners, find out more about Safe Drive Stay Alive here

Sheilas’ Wheels Fund

Sheilas’ Wheels gave customers the opportunity to nominate either Macmillan Cancer Support, Water Aid, and The NSPCC, for a £20 donation from the Sheila fund when they completed a purchase via the quote app on Facebook. By being one of the first direct insurers to streamline the quote process, we were able to give back these savings to worthy causes. At the moment nominations can only be given to these three charities.

Stronger together

Throughout the year at Sheilas’ Wheels like to create fundraising events that everyone can be a part of. These can range from dress-down days, bake-offs, raffles, book sales, and sports competitions.

Caring for the environment

At Sheilas’ Wheels we try and avoid using paper based methods of communication, and recycle what we can, where possible.