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Early Beginnings

Do you own a Land Rover? Well, in the very early days (1947 to be exact), the prototype was actually known as Centre Steer. It wasn’t until 1951, when the brand received a Royal Warrant, that it became a household name. At first, the brand was called Rover Company range. Then in 1978, Land Rover became its own brand when it introduced its well-known models, like the Range Rover.

First Car

The first Land Rover was based on the existing jeep, and only available in light-green shades. The Chief designer of the brand was Maurice Wilks, and the colours on the military aircraft cockpits inspired him.

Present Day

After it became its own brand, Land Rover has been the four-wheel drive of choice for many. In addition to the Range Rover, the company also manufactures the Defender, Discovery and Freelander. In 2000, the Ford Company bought Land Rover, and has been part of luxury brand Jaguar (under ‘Jaguar Land Rover’) since 2008.

What does Land Rover car insurance with Sheilas’ Wheels cover?

If you’re looking for car insurance for a Land Rover, then you’ll be pleased to know that the level of cover we offer our Sheilas is the same–regardless of the type of car they insure. When you choose Sheilas’ Wheels Comprehensive Insurance, you’ll get all these fantastic benefits:

  • Legal liability - unlimited cover for death or injury to other people.
  • Driving other cars - policy holder only, subject to eligibility
  • 5-Year Repair Guarantee - it’s a win win for you, so long as one of our recommended repairers is fixing your motor.
  • Courtesy car - so long as one of our recommended repairers is fixing your motor following an accident.
  • Handbag Cover - if your bag is stolen from your car or damaged while in your car, we'll cover it and its contents up to £200.
  • Personal Belongings Cover - your mobile and sunnies are covered as part of a claim – up to £200​.
  • Counselling Service - free over the phone counselling service for you and any member of your family living with you
  • Windscreen Cover - from small chips to big cracks, our specialists will do a top job repairing or replacing your windscreen
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Limits may apply, please check our policy booklet.

Please note that Sheilas’ Wheels only offer comprehensive insurance and third party, fire, and theft. If you’d like to know more please read our policy booklet.

Land Rover Car Insurance Groups

Are you looking for insurance on a Land Rover? Then you’ll be pleased to know that we insure lots of Land Rover models. What’s more, to make your life easier, we’ve put together a handy list of insurance groups for the most popular ones. Unfortunately, we can’t mention every Land Rover we insure – otherwise we’d be here for eternity! So if you can’t see your car on the list, it doesn’t mean to say we won’t insure it. Get on the blower and ask us for a quote–you could save a small fortune!

Land Rover Freelander Insurance Groups

Do you need car insurance for a Land Rover Freelander? Then you’ve found the right place. In 1997, the first compact SUV was born–the Freelander. But production of this model finished in 2014. It was known for being able to manage all weather conditions, and was bought by SUV drivers around the world. The Freelander has lots of room inside and comes with a choice of engine sizes and personalised options. Although it’s tempting to go for a bigger engine and add-on products, like alloy wheels can put your car into a higher, more expensive insurance group–so beware.


Please be aware this is a guide only, insurers may group these cars differently.

Model Engine Size Insurance Group
Freelander Hardback (97–03) 1.8-2.5 21-25
Freelander Station Wagon (97–03) 1.8-2.5 21-25
Freelander Softback (97–03) 1.8-2.5 21-25
Freelander Hardback (03–06) 1.8-2.5 21-27
Freelander Station Wagon (03–06) 1.8-2.5 21-27
Freelander Softback (03–06) 1.8-2.5 21-27
Freelander (06–14) 2.2-3.2 19-30


Range Rover Insurance Groups

For those looking for insurance on a Range Rover, then you’ll be glad to know that we can help. The Range Rover is a full-sized SUV and comes with a V8 engine, and has been Land Rover’s most well-known model since the 1970s. Range Rovers come in several sub-brands, including Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Velar and Range Rover Sport.


Please be aware this is a guide only, insurers may group these cars differently.

Model Engine Size Insurance Group
Range Rover (94–02) 2.0-4.6 33-50
Range Rover (02–12) 3.0-5.0 38-50
Range Rover (12 onwards) 3.0-5.0 45-50


Range Rover Evoque Insurance Groups

Are you after insurance on a Range Rover Evoque? Then we can help. The Range Rover Evoque comes with all the capabilities of a Range Rover, but is more affordable. The SUV has four-cylinder engines for more oomph, and has a premium interior. There are a range of body types to choose from including a Coupé and Convertible. The Coupe’s engines are very powerful, peaking at 5.0-litres. So understandably the insurance groups this car falls into are very high–to say the least. The Convertible on the other hand has a slightly smaller engine range to choose from, nevertheless insurance groups are still quite high reaching 45.


Please be aware this is a guide only, insurers may group these cars differently.

Model Engine Size Insurance Group
Range Rover Evoque Coupé (11 onwards) 3.0-5.0 45-50
Range Rover Evoque Convertible (16 onwards) 2.0 39-45
Range Rover Evoque (11 onwards) 2.0-2.2 28-43


Land Rover Discovery Sport Insurance Groups

If you’re looking for a Land Rover Discovery Sport, then you’ve come to the right place! The Land Rover Discovery Sport is an SUV that comes with a 4-cylinder 2.0-litre Si4 petrol engine, making it more efficient and economical than some other Land Rovers. It also has different trim levels and add-on products available, including an upgraded multimedia system and leather interior. But things like additional techy features could cause your car to fall into a more expensive insurance group–so do your homework!


Please be aware this is a guide only, insurers may group these cars differently.

Model Engine Size Insurance Group
Discovery Sport (15 onwards) 2.0-2.2 24-40


Land Rover Discovery Insurance Groups

Have you got a Land Rover Discovery? What about insurance? Well Sheilas’ Wheels can help! This mid-size SUV is a long-standing favourite with car enthusiasts, offering lots of comfortable features and a stylish design. Like most other Land Rover models, the Discovery comes with a choice of engine sizes in both diesel and petrol. What’s more, you can put your own stamp on it with various add-on products, like a heated steering wheel and surround cameras. It also has top-notch towing capabilities (towing up to 3,500kg), so it’s great for those that have a caravan or trailer. But beware–any add-on products or opting for a bigger engine could put your car into a higher insurance group and cause your Land Rover car insurance quote to increase.


Please be aware this is a guide only, insurers may group these cars differently.

Model Engine Size Insurance Group
Discovery (89–98) 2.0-3.9 21-27
Discovery (98–04) 2.5–4.0 24-30
Discovery (04–17) 2.7-4.4 33-45
Discovery SUV (17 onwards) 2.0-3.0 33-43



Sheilas' Wheels Optional Extras for Land Rover car insurance

Sheilas’ Wheels offers a fantastic range of Optional Extras to boost your car insurance cover.

Key Cover
Key Cover

Oops! Have your keys been lost, stolen or damaged? You can give our partners, the RAC, a call and they'll help retrieve, repair or replace them.

Learn more about Key Cover

Misfuelling Cover

If you misfuel your car you can call out our partner, the RAC, who’ll aim to get you back on the road in no time at all. Remember you won’t need this cover if your vehicle is fully electric.

Learn more about Misfuelling Benefit


More than one car at home?


When you, or anyone permanently living in the same household as you, insures additional cars with us direct we’ll discount each new policy by 10%*

* (1) Discount is not given when you get a quote for the same vehicle via a Price Comparison website within 31 days of getting your quote direct with Sheilas' Wheels. (2) Discount excludes Optional Extras. (3) Subject to eligibility.

Separate policies – so no change to your existing renewal dates. Your No Claims Discount (NCD) for each policy will also be kept separate, so a claim on one policy won’t affect the NCD of the other

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