Escaping the Crowds in Europe This Summer Holiday


Summer holidays; an exciting time filled with sun, freedom, days off work, and finally the chance to relax and explore somewhere new.

If you fancy breaking away from the crowds, here’s how you can wander the road less travelled.

Go Inland

Being close to a beach is great, and walking barefoot through warm sand and lapping waves is a surefire way to relax. But when thousands of other holidaymakers have the same idea, a day at the beach may not go as you imagined.

Instead, opt for an inland area. Get a taste of local flavour off the beaten tourist path – go for a hike, explore local villages, and get to know a different side of the city. And with temperatures in most of Europe soaring in the summer months, there’s often a bit more shade inland.

Try a Staycation

If you haven’t yet explored all the corners of this wonderful island, why not make the most of a staycation this summer? Road trip the Scottish Highlands, hike the lakes and dales, or cruise the miles of canals. Along the way, stop to admire the beautiful scenery or try something adventurous like paragliding, kayaking, or horseback riding. You’ll feel like you’ve been to a whole other world – without even having left the country.

Explore Northern Europe

It’s no secret that we Brits like a trip to the med in summer time, lovely beaches and almost guaranteed sunshine are a clear winner for lots of people.

But if you’re looking for somewhere just a short flight away and less popular with British summer holidaymakers, why not explore the wonderful countries of Northern Europe. From the Norwegian fjords and Lofoten Island to the urban destinations of Stockholm and Helsinki, there really is something for everyone – it just depends on what you want from your holiday this year.

Hire a boat or Car

For all or part of your holiday, hiring a boat or car lets you explore your surroundings with an unparalleled freedom.

If you’re hiring a car, set off with no particular destination in mind and see where the road takes you. Discover quaint traditional villages, chat with locals, travel through the hills and along the coast. And if it gets too busy, you can just hop back in and head to the next place.

Hiring a boat is the ultimate escape. Sleep on deck below the stars, cruise to hidden beach coves for a spot of lunch, or stop out at sea for a swim. You may even be lucky enough to spot some local sea life, relaxing away from the crowds of tourists. If you’re not a seasoned sailor, just look into hiring a boat with a skipper for a day or two.

Finding a break from the crowds is a great way to unwind & expand your mind to new horizons. Relax with peace of mind on holiday and make sure you have travel insurance for all the activities you have planned. Then just enjoy your holiday!


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