6 ways to save on car fuel

Refuelling a car

Have you ever looked at the prices for a fuel at a petrol station and thought “wouldn’t it be great if I could knock a few pennies off my fuel costs?”. It’s easy to forget that you have a lot more control over your fuel economy than finding the cheapest petrol station. We’ve collected a few examples to help you try and plug the hole in your petrol piggy-bank.

1. Combine your trips

It's a rare day indeed when you only have to go on a single errand or drive your car to one place. Short trips in the car can pile up over a day or a week and when your car is stationary for a few hours or more the engine cools down. When you start the car back up again, you're going to be using a lot more fuel in the first few miles of your journey. Why not try and combine as many car trips as possible? The journey will be longer, but you can use less fuel in the long run.

2. Keep the windows closed on the motorway

If your car isn't aerodynamic enough, it'll have to work harder to move at a high speed - on a motorway for example - and that means using more fuel. One of the key contributors in making your car less aerodynamic is open windows. If you're driving on the motorway, try and keep your windows closed. That goes for your sunroof too, if you have one. Your car will be sleeker and there could be a real difference in your fuel consumption.

3. Watch out for excess weight

Now we're not suggesting you leave the rest of the family at home! There are a lot of items that are highly recommended to keep in your car at all times, including first aid kits, spare tyres, jumper cables etc. It can be a hassle taking everything out and things build up over time. Cumbersome bits and pieces like golf clubs, trolleys and tools can pile on the pounds and make your car much heavier than it needs to be. This can wreak havoc when it comes to fuel economy. Have a good look in your boot and see what needs to be there and what can be left at home.

4. Smooth and steady

Unlike peanut butter, there's no debate over whether smooth is best when it comes to driving. Driving smoothly isn't just safer, it's the most fuel-effective way to be. Pushing the accelerator harder than you need to and late braking can be real fuel-thieves. We can't always avoid stopping and starting, especially if we're driving in traffic or during rush hour. So keep it smooth wherever possible and watch your fuel use drop.

5. Keep those tyres inflated

When was the last time you checked your tyre pressure? Hopefully your answer was "in the last month". A lot of the time it can seem like an afterthought but tyre pressure is incredibly important for your car's safety and lifespan. Also, if you're a champion of fuel economy, it should be high up on your list! Making sure that your tyres are inflated properly means that your car doesn't need to over-work on the road or guzzle extra fuel to make it home. If you're not sure what your tyre pressure should be, try checking your vehicle handbook, or enter your car registration in Kwik-Fit's Tyre Pressure Search.

6. Show your car some love

Showing your car some regular care is one the easiest ways to keep your fuel costs down. All it takes is some consistent maintenance. Keep your car sweet with regular servicing and oil changes. If you're taking care of your car's engine, it's going to run more effectively and be less greedy when it comes to fuel.

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