10 years of Sheilas’ Wheels

Sheilas' Wheels 10th Anniversary

It’s not every day that a company has its tenth birthday. For Sheilas’ Wheels, that day has officially arrived. After a decade of serving thousands of fantastic customers, it’s a time for pride, reflection and – you guessed it – some celebration as well!

Now, for a little trip down memory lane... In 2005, our parent company esure posed a question to the UK insurance market. That question was: why aren’t we celebrating and protecting our female drivers? The question gave way to a solution, and Sheilas’ Wheels was born, with the tagline “Insurance designed with women in mind” (we now insure men as well, so not to worry fellas!).

From that moment, we burst onto the scene with our unforgettable adverts starring the glamorous and talented Sheilas. The all-singing, all-dancing trio of girls in pink quickly took the country by storm, inspiring sing-alongs and more than their fair share of tribute acts.

Ten years and over a million policies later, we’re still singing, dancing, and working harder than ever to bring you bonzer insurance deals – and not just for Sheilas, for Bruces too!

So how are we going to celebrate? Not to worry, we’ve got heaps of ideas. We’ll be organising all kinds of events and activities with our charity partner Macmillan Cancer Support, so our jubilations will come with lots of donations. There’ll also be some birthday deals wheeling their way to our customers so you can all get involved in the fun! The only problem we’re going to have is fitting in ten years worth of celebrating!

Plans for the next ten years? When it comes to keeping our customers covered, we’re just getting started. So keep your eye on the horizon for a big pink convertible!