Sheilas’ Wheels – a different spin on car insurance

Then and Now

Can you believe it has been over ten years since Sheilas’ Wheels took the insurance market by storm in 2005? Neither can we.

Sheilas’ Wheels was born out of research that found women have different needs when it comes to their car insurance compared with men – in terms of possessions and what they are likely to carry with them.  Did you know that handbag insurance is offered as part of our comprehensive cover in our car insurance policy? With a limit of up to £300, it’s a pretty convenient deal if you carry a bag with you most of the time when you drive.

Interestingly repairers were also flagged in our research – to cater to new mums, and now dads, our repairers receive guidelines so they are better suited to working with young families. Be it from advising on and fitting child car seats, to arranging customer appointments around the school run. Sheilas’ Wheels is dedicated to helping young families where it can! Counselling was also an important part of Sheilas’ Wheels comprehensive cover, and we decided to extend our reach to help men as well as women with driving issues, such as coping with the aftermath of an accident to controlling road rage.

By 2010 we were providing travel and home insurance with the aim of taking care of everyone’s insurance needs under one roof.

In 2011 we decided to take the plunge and move into the broker market as part of esureGroup Plc, that way we could insure drivers, who do not necessarily fit the usual insurance criteria. For example if you had a fast car or a few points on your license you were welcomed and not excluded from the Sheilas’ Wheels fold.

Seven facts you may not have known about Sheilas’ Wheels

  1. We are actually part of the esure brand – one of the leading direct insurers in the UK
  2. Our very own lovely Sheilas, inspired producers Stock, Aitken, and Waterman to regroup and launch the Sheilas into the charts with (I’m so) Happy Happy (You’re mine)
  3. There are 1174 Sheilas’ Wheels policyholders called Sheila
  4. The oldest Sheilas’ Wheels policyholder is 81 years old
  5. The average age of a Sheilas’ Wheels policyholder is 40
  6. Sheilas’ Wheels insures one customer called Sheila Wheeler
  7. Five Sheilas’ Wheels policyholders drive pink cars