Santa Claus Contents Insurance Quote

Hi Santa & Mrs Claus - here's your quote

We’re tickled pink being asked to quote for your Contents Insurance.

As you can imagine, a fair few Sheilas did a lot of head-scratching working out your premium – you’ll find it below. Don’t worry, it might appear a bit ‘pricey’, but we’ve done our homework to give you great-value, glittering cover!

You know a thing or two about giving pressies, so we’re getting in the festive spirit by giving you & all our customers 15% extra contents cover for 4 weeks either side of Christmas! (This also applies at other times of the year, check your policy for details) We imagine you’re very organised, so in the lead up to the big day you’ll have peace of mind knowing all the lovely toys you’ve already made are grotto-safe!

Ho-Ho-How about more peace? (Ahem!)

We assume that lots of elf helpers will be lending a hand, so to prepare for the odd mishap (fingers crossed there won’t be), there is an option to add Accidental Damage Cover if you wish.

With snowball making temperatures in Lapland* in December, keeping the boiler running is a must, from warming Santa’s legendary workshop, to heating the water for those relaxing hot baths after a day of toy making.
Which is why our Home Insurance offers an add on Home Emergency Cover option, covering your heating and boiler if they take a turn for the worse.

Happy Christmas Mr & Mrs Claus! From all of us here at Sheilas’ Wheels x

Annual Premium


Monthly Cost


**Based on 2 billion 0 – 14-year-olds with an average toy spend of £44.51 (UK), totalling £89,020,000,000 of required cover.
Using the percentage figure of a typical UK household content cover premium for £50,000 of cover, which is 0.32144%, we get the annual premium for Santa (not our usual method of cost calculation)

*Sheilas' Wheels does not offer insurance in Lapland & covers England, Scotland & Wales only. Lapland is referenced here for the sole purpose of this article.

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Mr Santa Claus


Date of Birth: 
15 March 280AD


Santa's Grotto, Christmas Village, Lapland*, North Pole


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