Customer Support Home Insurance FAQs

Do I need to let you know if I or anyone in my household will be working from home?

If you have our Home Insurance, and are doing general office work from home, you are now covered as standard by your policy. However, you need to let us know if you:

• Have visitors to your home related to your work
• Make or sell goods from your home or you store stock of these at your home
• Have adapted your home (i.e. you’re using an outbuilding as your home office or undertaking renovation works)
• Have acquired new business equipment that belongs to you. Cover for any office equipment (i.e. a laptop) will usually be the employer’s responsibility but check with your employer if unsure
• Have established, or are planning to establish, a business which is registered from your home address during the pandemic, or have moved the running of your business to your home premises

If you do need to let us know, you can get online support via our Live Chat team or call us on 0345 045 9000.