Coronavirus (COVID-19) Home Insurance FAQs

Do I need to let you know if I or anyone in my household will be working from home as a result of Coronavirus?If you have home insurance with us and are now doing general office work from home, you don’t need to let us know and your cover will continue as normal unless you:
• have visitors to your home related to your work
• make or sell goods from your home or you store stock of these at your home
• have adapted your home i.e. using an outbuilding as your home office or undertaking renovation works
• have acquired new business equipment that belongs to you. Cover for any business equipment will usually be the employer’s responsibility but check with your employer if unsure
• have established, or are planning to establish, a business which is registered from your home address during the pandemic, or have moved the running of your business to your home premises
If you do need to let us know, you can do this via our Live Chat team on our website.
If I or a member of my household are diagnosed with Coronavirus, would you cover a deep clean of our home after we’ve recovered?No, this would not be covered by your Home Insurance policy.
If I or a member of my household were to inadvertently pass on Coronavirus, would we be covered for any liability?No, you wouldn’t be covered in this situation. Please refer to the Personal liability section ‘What is not covered?’ of your policy booklet where you will find a specific exclusion (point 7) which states ‘Liability which arises through You or any member of Your Household passing on any contagious diseases or virus’
Would I be covered for any liability towards my nanny, cleaner or other people who work in my household?Yes, you would be, there are no exclusions under this section of your policy that would exclude this.
I’m aware that my policy includes a number of exclusions for if my property is left empty for over 30 days. If I have to go into hospital as a result of Coronavirus, and my house is left empty, would these still apply?As the Coronavirus situation is quite different to what we normally face, we’ll be taking a pragmatic approach to these sorts of cases. If this should happen, we would review your individual situation to reach a resolution.
If my home becomes infected by Coronavirus, am I covered for any alternative accommodation?No, you wouldn’t be covered for this under your Home Insurance policy. Alternative accommodation is only offered if your home has been affected by what is specifically covered by your policy, such as a flood or fire.
If I or a member of my household get Coronavirus, but during the isolation period I have to make a claim for something such as a fire or flood, which means I cannot stay in my home, what would happen regarding alternative accommodation?Yes, we would look to provide alternative accommodation for you but we would need to take into account any Government health advice.
If I have to report a new claim or I already have a claim open with you, and am waiting for a supplier visit, what would happen if I or a member of my household were suspected to have or were diagnosed with Coronavirus?Should this situation arise we would need to delay any visits from our suppliers until it’s medically safe for them to visit your home again. Before we send a supplier to your home we will be asking a few additional questions to establish if you or anyone in your household has or suspects they may.
Will our suppliers ask our customers whether they have been diagnosed with Coronavirus?All suppliers that represent Sheilas' Wheels, surveyors for example would establish if the customer or anyone living with them are in self isolation or have been diagnosed with Coronavirus. If yes, then any visit will be deferred until medically safe to do so.