Change of Bank Account FAQs

If you’re changing the company who collects my Direct Debits, do I need to do anything? No, not a thing. As you’re a customer, it’s a regulatory requirement that we write to you to let you know that we’re changing the company that collects your Direct Debit from eIL (esure Insurance Limited) to eSL (esure Services Limited).
What can I expect to see on my bank/building society statement ongoing?Your statement will show our company name or company name and type of insurance, plus your policy reference number. It will also show that your premium has been collected by eSL (esure Services Limited).
Will my payment date or amount change?No, neither will change.
Where can I find the policy reference number mentioned in the email/letter you sent me?You’ll find it at the top of the insurance policy that was emailed or posted to you when you first took out the policy. Alternatively you can find it by visiting My Account.
Are esure Insurance Services (eIL) and esure Services Limited (eSL) the same company?eSL and eIL are separate companies, but both are wholly owned subsidiaries of esure Group plc. eSL is the group service company that administers and services the insurance policies and eIL is the insurance company that actually provides the insurance cover.
I’m due to renew soon, will this Direct Debit change affect things?No, your renewal won’t be affected.