Coronavirus (COVID-19) Car insurance FAQs

I haven’t been using my car much during lockdown. Can I get a refund for this? If your mileage has gone down significantly during the lockdown period, you may be eligible for a partial refund on your cover and optional extras which can be from the 1 April 2020 to 1 July 2020. To see if you are eligible just contact us by completing this form, select ‘Other Query’ in the drop down box at the start of the form, and state the length of time you feel your mileage has been reduced over this period in the 'Your question/request' section. We will respond to you within 14 working days with the outcome.
What are you doing for NHS and Emergency Services workers?To help keep our NHS and Emergency Service workers moving, we’re providing a replacement car until your claim has been settled, not only while yours is being repaired but now also if it’s written off or stolen. We’ll also contact you once your claim has been settled to discuss any ongoing requirement. Plus, we’re providing you with free breakdown cover should you breakdown during this period
What type of breakdown cover are you offering as part of the current offer to NHS and Emergency Service workers?As an NHS or Emergency Service worker you will be covered, during this period, if you breakdown at the roadside or at home. Just call 0800 085 6840
Do NHS and Emergency Service workers need to provide ID when they require breakdown?You will need to provide your NHS/ Emergency Service ID to the RAC control engineer when requesting recovery for your car.
How long are these measures in place for?Our replacement car and free breakdown services for NHS and Emergency Service workers will initially be in place while this phase of lock down continues. We will continue to review this based on the ongoing Coronavirus situation.
I’m having trouble financially as a result of Coronavirus. Is there anything you can do to help me?If you’re having financial problems as a result of Coronavirus, we want to help. Please give us a call and we can discuss your situation and look to find a solution that fits your individual needs.
I am not using my car as a result of Coronavirus, can I suspend my cover?If you are not using your car during this period you have the option, if you have not had a fault claim in this policy year, to suspend your cover. To be able to suspend your cover you will need to register your car as off the road with the DVLA - Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) for a minimum of 30 days and maximum up until your next renewal date (however you will need to contact us every 30 days to advise if suspension will continue). You have the option to suspend your cover completely or you can choose to keep your car protected against fire and theft. While your policy has been suspended you will not be insured to drive your car.

Depending on your payment method, monthly payments can be immediately amended, and if you pay annually we will arrange a refund for the difference in premium. These options and full terms and conditions can be discussed when you call us.
I have to self isolate, am I covered to drive?Yes, unless there is medical advice that you or any driver covered by the policy have a medical or physical condition which may affect ability to drive.
Can I add my partner to the policy?Yes, subject to the drivers details, you can add a permanent or temporary driver at any time via My Account. Please be aware this may affect your premium. Should anyone other than people named on your policy drive your car, please remember they will only have third party cover in the event of an accident if their own insurance policy allows them to drive other cars.
Can I use my car for business and travel to different locations for my work?You will need to check your insurance cover is appropriate for your needs. If there are ongoing changes to your working and driving behaviour since taking out the policy, such as using your own vehicle to commute to work or driving to different locations for work purposes, we need to know about this. If you do need to let us know, you can do this via our Live Chat team on our website.
Can I use my car for Car Sharing?Your policy does in fact cover you for carrying passengers in return for payment, as long as this is for just covering the cost of petrol and you are not making a profit. It does not cover you if your car is made or adapted to carry more than eight people or you’re carrying passengers as part of a passenger-carrying business.
If I need to make a claim on my motor policy, is there any impact as a result of Coronavirus?We will support all customers who need to make a claim during this period. We have continuity plans and work closely with service providers to be able to continue to handle claims in these challenging circumstances. You can report your claim online in My Account 24/7.
I have started using my car to help others in my local community, with drop offs and deliveries. Am I covered?If you are using your car for volunteer work and supporting those in your community who need support, such as transporting medicines or groceries to those impacted by Covid-19, your cover will not be affected, and you do not need to tell us or make changes to your policy. Sheilas' Wheels has been part of a long-standing volunteer driving agreement where we cover this type of voluntary work.
I work for the NHS and now need to drive to different locations; do I need to advise you?We support the NHS. If you work for the NHS and need to use your own car to drive to different places of work because of the impact of Covid-19, your cover will not be affected, and you do not need to tell us. This is the case also if you are a Teacher, a care worker or anyone who is a key role carer.
I have been made unemployed as my employer has had to close during the coronavirus. Do I need to inform you and is there a change in my premium for this?We aim to support all our customers during this difficult period. If you have unfortunately been made unemployed as a result of the Government restrictions, then you do not need to inform us during your current policy period and there is no change in your premium. However, please let us know at least a month before your policy renewal date so we can accurately prepare your renewal invitation based on your new circumstances