Making a travel claim

You'd expect Sheilas' Wheels Travel Insurance to have a first class claims service and you'd be right. Call the claims team and we'll take all your details in minutes.

Below is a summary of how to make a claim - please take time to read the full claim section in your Policy Booklet when you receive it.

Keep your policy details safe and take them with you when you go on holiday. You'll need your Policy Booklet if you have to make a claim.

Make sure you have your policy number with you when you phone.

When you’re away:

  • If you're in an emergency where you need medical treatment, please contact us on +44 (0) 208 763 4899 within 48 hours of your hospitalisation or if your medical expenses are likely to be more than £500. You'll need to get a medical certificate if you wish to make a claim
  • If you're claiming compensation for theft, mugging, loss, damage in transit, travel delay or catastrophe, you must get a written report from the relevant authority. Please keep any receipts that will support your claim
  • If you need to get home before the end of your holiday, contact us on +44 (0) 208 763 4899 before you go home

When you're back home:

If you need to make a claim, please call 0345 604 3753 within 31 days of your return to the United Kingdom.

  • For all claims, you'll need to provide your original booking invoice/receipt
  • For any claim which is the result of accident, bodily injury or illness, you’ll also need to complete or obtain a medical certificate

You'll also need to provide certain documents depending on which section of the policy you are claiming under:

If you're claiming under cancellation:

  • Original airline tickets (if full cost of trip is claimed)
  • Cancellation invoice
  • For claims resulting from death by accident or illness, a copy of the death certificate, or
  • For claims resulting from redundancy, a letter from your employer confirming date of notification of redundancy and that you qualify for payments under redundancy legislation

Under curtailment:

  • For claims resulting from death by accident or illness, a copy of the death certificate

Please note that you must contact us before leaving the trip destination for your return home.

Under hospital benefit:

  • Written confirmation from the hospital of the period of time you were hospitalised

Under baggage:

  • Police report for stolen or lost baggage
  • For baggage damaged whilst in the custody of an airline, a Property Irregularity Report (PIR)

Under delayed baggage:

  • Property Irregularity Report from the carrier confirming the reason and duration of the delay
  • Receipts for all replacement items purchased

Under personal money:

  • Police report of the theft
  • Details of amount lost e.g. bank statements, conversion slips

Under loss of passport/documents:

  • Receipts for expenditure

Under missed departure:

  • Any motoring accident involving personal injury must be substantiated by a Police report
  • Any motoring accident not resulting in personal injury must be substantiated by a report from a recognised Motoring Rescue Organisation

Under travel delay:

  • A report from the airline, shipping company or their agents which shows the scheduled departure time, actual departure time and reason for the delay

For all other claims, please refer to the relevant section of the policy.