5 fun and entertaining Easter crafts to keep the whole family amused (Copy)

Spring is well and truly in the air, the kids are off school and there’s a four day weekend on the horizon. Things are looking good with the Sheilas but if your little ones start to get restless this holiday, try our top Easter Crafts to keep them entertained.

1 – Baking

Even if you’re no baking extraordinaire there are loads of simple recipes to try out this Easter.

For simplicity and a relatively mess free cook off, try making some chocolate crispy cakes. All you need are cornflakes, butter, chocolate, golden syrup and some mini eggs to finish off your cakes.

We love this recipe from @bbcfood.

crispy cakes with mini eggs

2 – Easter Egg painting

Try brightening up your home with hand-made Easter eggs. Just follow these simple tips:

  • Either hard boil or pierce 2 small holes into the ends of your egg and blow until the white and yolk have come out
  • Use water based paints (ideally washable ones if your little Sheilas are like ours)
  • Paint on a base layer of colour and let it dry
  • Go over and decorate to your hearts content, add funny faces and stick on little feet or rabbit tails


egg painting for children


3 – Easter plates

This is a really simple activity but captures the kids’ imaginations for ages. Get a load of paper plates, cotton wool, paint, pens, glitter glue and other crafty bits to decorate the plates. Stick with the Easter theme and make Lambs, Chicks, Rabbits or why not go off track and create an Easter monster or dinosaur.

We love this paper plate bunny mask from activityvillage.co.uk


4 – Cardboard egg decorations

If you don’t want the mess of decorating real eggs try this.

  • Cut some egg shapes out of cardboard
  • Decorate with pens, paint, glitter glue – let the children be as creative as they fancy
  • Either punch a hole in the top and attach a ribbon or make a washing line with string and miniature pegs.
  • Use your eggs to decorate your house and garden
  • (Sheilas tip – this is a great way to get the children to do an Easter egg hunt without the chocolate overload)


Easter egg bunting for children


5 – Handprint sun painting

We all hope for a bit of sunshine over the Easter holidays but no one can rely on the British weather so why not make your own.

This lovely idea from activity village uses painting, tracing, cutting and sticking so should keep your little ones entertained for a while. Why not get all the family involved and have handprints of all shapes.

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