Multicar insurance

Up to a fabulous 10% discount on Multicar policies

✔ Matched no claim discount
✔ Guaranteed quotes
✔ Individual policies

Become a Sheila, when you insure more you spend less

We like saving you money, so if you and your partner have two or more cars at the same address, you can spend less by insuring them all with Sheilas' Wheels. Not only do we give you up to 10% off each additional policy, we'll throw in a few extras to make your decision a little easier... 

  1. Match your No Claim Discount
    If one policy has a higher No Claim Discount, we’ll match that to the other policy, limited to the number of years the driver has held a full UK licence.
  2. Guaranteed quotes
    If your partner’s insurance isn’t up for renewal, we can still give you a quote today and guarantee it for up to six months if their details don’t change.
  3. Individual policies
    The policies are kept separate, so if you make a claim on one policy, it won’t affect the No Claim Discount on the other.

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